Written by Horny

25 May 2011

Helo I told recently where I fucked some guys at a party of my friend. Well last weekend I went over to hers for a quiet evening just her me and a couple of glasses of wine! Well half way through the evening we got bored and decided to pop to the local pub. We didnt dress up I was in little black tight short skirt and white vest top heels and her similar. At the pub we got lots of looks being on our own. Soon lots guys showing interest and buying us drinks.I soon got chatted to by mike a large guy very fit musclely. Soon we were sat next to one another and I started to stroke his arm. We flirted and he started to touch my leg. He said how fit I was and how I was making him horny. I whispered to him I was very wetand at that point he grabed my hand and waled me outside. We stood by the wall for a few mins. He kissed me putting his tongue in my mouth and grabed my mum. I touched his cock through his trousers and said I want this now.He laughed and walked me to his van, he is an electrician and opened the side door and told me to get in. In honesty it was a bit messy and I wasnt sure. He pulled a coat on to the floor and started to unzip himself. I knelt down and took his huge cock now very hard in my hands wanking. He was stooped quite a bit and looked uncomfortable! I sucked the end and he pushed himself deep in my mouth fucking my mouth. My jaw was aching with his size and I though omg Ill choke. I stopped and said fuck me mow. I pulled of my thong and he pushed up my skirt. Fingering me. Soon his hard cock was pumping away at me hard. He called me a fucking easy slag a whore and a cock slut. I wascumming at this and said yes thats me a dirty cow. He banged away and soon flooded into me. He got off when he came pulled on his clothes and opened the door and just walked into the car park for a fag. I was left there on my back leaing of his white sticky cum. I pulled my thong on. Tidied myself up but was unsure to walk back into the pub . He pulled the van door closed and walked into the pub. Said nothing to me didnt loo back. So I went home. I was used and felt quite satisfied.