Written by Chrissy

15 May 2008

Last Saturday we had a bbq at our house to celebrate my wifes 46 th birthday. The party was in full swing by 8 pm having started at 4 . I had a couple of urgent e mails I was expecting and so I slipped off upstairs to my office which is in our loft conversion. As I started up the stairs I could hear moaning coming from my office and as my head reached floor level I could see my wifes best friend Kim bending over my desk being shagged by another of our friends husbands Mike. As they both saw me they stopped what they were doing and hastily dressed. Mike apologised and left quickly leaving Kim to explain.

She told me no one else knew and that it was just a bit of fun and that no one need know. I replied I was not happy but agreed to keep quite. The truth was that Kim was a very sexy 50 year old who despite being some 10 years older than me I would fuck in an instant.

I said I had some work to do and Kim leaned forward and kissed me and thanked me for not telling. As she lingered after kissing me she pushed her thigh into my cock which was on the rise. My my she said maybe I can say thank you some way else. We began to kiss passionately before she started to release my cock from my shorts. I sat in my chair and watched as Kims mouth enveloped my prick , her tongue licking at the pre cum that was there. Slowly she took every inch of my cock into her mouth while her hand played with my balls. She had the look of sex all over her face and I could see she was not only enjoying herself but was also enjoying pleasuring me.

Kim then took off her top and wrapped her lovely big breasts around my throbbing cock and began to give me a tit wank.

Let me see you cum all over my lovely tits she said urging me too. I was now very close and told her I was cumming . With that she leant back and guided my cock into her mouth and swallowed every last drop of my hot creamy spunk.

She gave me a peck on the cheek and told me if I kept my mouth shut I there would be more of the same.

Ihave to tell you all my lips are sealed.