Written by I&S

15 Feb 2010

My wife and I had talked about swinging for a long long time. Whenever we'd talked about it I'd always assumed it would be a foursome but it wasn't to be that way. After a few weeks on a swinger website and a few e.mails we found ourselves invited to a swinger house party. My wife was so nervous as we drove there i could literally see her hands shaking.

As I glanced at her I thought she looked georgous. She was wearing high heels and stocking, with a very short black skirt that showed the lower cheeks of her cute arse which her tiny g-string did nothing to hide. Her firm 38d tit were forces into a tight black basque that showed a whole lot of cleavage and she looked oh so fuckable.

We arrived quite early and the host poured my wife a very large vodka and coke, as I was driving I had to settle for just a coke. We started chatting and I was amazed how ordinary it all felt my wife was starting to relax as she realised it wasn't the mass free for all orgy she'd feared. More and more people were arriving, mainly couples but also a good few single men too.

As the night wore on and the drinks flowed the atmosphear got more rowdy and the talk got more and more sexual. My wife and I were stood on the kitchen chatting and my wife was attracting a lot of attention from the single guys. I noticed her getting her arse stroked by more than one man and saw her giggle as she basked in the attention.

I was a little worried at the way things were going so I eased her back to the front room were more of the couples were. We joined in the conversation with the other couples and I made a mental note of the names of people to contact in the future for some fun. I was talking to a pretty blond lady and flirting a little when my wife said she was off for another dring and tottered off into the kitchen.

I was chatting for a few minutes before I realised that my wife still hadn't come back. I went to the kitchen to find her but before i got there I saw her from down the hallway. She was in the kitchen talking to a tall dark haired man. His arms whereround her waist and his hand were resting on her arse as he whispered into her ear. I saw her shake her head then she turned away and saw me. I saw her think for a moment then she said something to the man and came over to me.

"Thats Andrew" she said "he just asked to take me upstairs" and she fliushed a little and said "but I said I couldn't do anything without you"

"What do you want to do" I replied and she glanced back at Andrew, bit her lower lip and blushed then as she looked at me her eyes almost begging to be allowed to play.

I took deep breath and thought "sod it why not"

"Ok" I said "but he doesn't fuck you, anything else is ok. Now go tell him the rules and if he's ok with that you can have him."

She disappeared and returned with Andrew looking like the cat that got the cream. We made our way upstairs and Andrew said "Are you guys OK with this" in answer my wife pulled off her basque and exposed her tits to this stranger. I nodded to him and started stripping. By the time I was naked Andrew was stark naked and sucking on my wifes tit I joined in and sucked the other I put my hand between her legs and found Andrews fingers already exploring her hairless pussy. After a few moments of this I put my cock in her mouth and Andrew finished undressing her as she sucked my cock. I looked at Andrew his cock was far bigger and thicker than me, a real monster!

he then clambered up the bed and my wife took us both in her mouth at once. It was a strangely erotic sensation having my cock rub against another mans dick in my wifes pretty mouth. I was really turned on but didn't want to cum to soom so I made my was down her body and watched as she sucked on Andrews cock and licked his balls. Her pussy was soaking wet. I've never felt her so totally wet. I started to finger her hard and fast and deep I watched her lovingly suck this strangers meaty cock. After bearly a minute if this treatment she had a massive orgasm. Her juices literally gushing and spurting from her. The bed was soaked, she was soaked but Andrew loved it and took over as I replaced him in her mouth. Moments later she was quivering and swearing through another massive orgasm as she gushed and gushed all over Andrews fingers.

We took turns making her cum until she said it was our turn. "I want you both over my tits" she said. We knelt on either side of her and she tossed us both. I came first and she groaned as my spunk covered her tit. Then a few seconds later Andrew spunked over my wife. She wasn't ready for the force of his spurt and he covered her tits, chin and hair.

She doesn't really like it over her face but just smiled and lay there panting. Andrew thanked me, kissed her and left. I cleaned her up, the bed was soaked though with her cum. She was shattered and we decided to go home. She cleaned up and we made our excuses and started on the drive home.

My wife looked so sexy with that totally fucked look.and as we drove along the motorway I dared her to take her top off. She had a naughty look in her eye and did it without hesitation. So next I told her to take off her g-sting and skirt, which she did. I flicked on the interior light so other drivers could see as we drove along , her in just her stockings as she wanked me.

I was so fucking turned on I pulled off a junction early so I could drive over the tops where it was quiet. I found a layby and got her out of the car in just her stockings. I put her on her knees and had her suck on my cock as I reminded her what a dirty slut she'd just been. Then I bent her over the car and started to fuck her rough and hard as I called her a slut and a whore, which turned her on even more. It took me ages to cum and we were both sweaty and exhausted when I finally spunked over her pretty, quivering arse.

I didn't let her dress all the way home and the neighbours would have had a great view as she walked naked into our house if they'd looked. I was so turned on I even managed one more hot sweaty fuck before we fell asleep in one anothers arms

Couldn't wait for the next party.........................................