Written by Yorkie Boy

13 Aug 2019

Party time in the village……………. continued from previous posts

As promised Carol arranged a party. Invites were sent out to the chosen few, indeed just to those who had been to our BBQ previously, Carol likes to do things properly, and the theme she had chosen was, ‘Teachers & Students’ not surprising really, her hubby, Pete, is a year head at the local high school so it plays right into his hands, and it’s also easy for the rest of us in terms of fancy dress.

Emma initially went straight for the gymslip look, but then, despite my admiring glances and an instant hard on she said she wanted to go as a teacher. I said that she should be punished for changing her mind and said it was ‘six of the best’ for her.

I ordered her to bend over the kitchen table, we didn’t have a headmasters desk, and to lift the back of her school gym slip. She did, to reveal small white panties covering very little of her butt cheeks and hold up stockings stopping just short of heaven.

She turned her head towards me and said, “I’m so sorry for being naughty, am I to be punished sir?”

“It’s six of the best for you young lady.” I said and with that slapped her bum cheeks over her skimpy panties.

She squealed a little, I think it did sting her arse, the second slap landed in the same place and she yelped again. The third slap, a little harder, she let out a gasp and squealed “Ouch!” Loudly.

“Take off those panties!” I ordered.

Without question she bent down, still facing away from me and slowly slid the panties down her arse cheeks, showing off how red they were against the white material. The pants went all the way down to her ankles and she stepped out of them and bent over again. Her cunt was now visible in that magic little gap at the top of her thighs. Gorgeous. I leant forward and stroked her bare bum cheeks and she purred gently, so I lifted my hand back and then slapped her a fourth time and then a fifth in double quick time. She seemed as though she didn’t know whether to scream or groan with pleasure, so the sixth stroke quickly followed.

I watched her pert cheeks ripple ever so slightly as the red made its way around to the full width of her gorgeous arse.

“I’m sorry for being so naughty sir.” She said, turning her head towards me and smiling.

I could resist no further and opened her cheeks and pushed my tongue between them finding my way to her pussy which was already wet with her juices. She tasted divine and pushed herself back onto my tongue, with which I continued to lap away at her cunt. I eased my tongue back to her tight star and spat gently onto it before opening it up with my thumb and easing inside. She took my thumb easily, after all we have been anally fucking for a few weeks now and she often uses a butt plug too.

I inserted fingers into her cunt and moved both them and my thumb in a gentle rocking rhythm. She let out another soft groan and moved her arse back and force in time with my fingers and thumb, her hands grabbing hold of the kitchen table either side. I kept going for another two or three minutes until Emma screamed out loud, “Fucking hell, I’m cumming, oh Jesus, don’t stop.” She then had an almighty orgasm, flooding my hands with her cum. I eased back as she came down from her climax and I rubbed my fingers and palm over her arse hole, easing my thumb back in for a second but then needing both hands to undo my trousers and release my rock-hard cock.

I had precum dripping from my japs eye immediately and I rubbed my helmet against her tight hole, before pushing gently in. Once the head was inside it was so much easier and I thrust into her arse, all the way in the one more move.

I held my position a short while as I got used to her and she tightened her muscles against my cock.

She had learnt so much in such a short time and was literally fucking my cock with her arse. I withdrew up to the helmet and then pushed back, gently at first but then harder, and quicker. She matched my rhythm with her pulsing of her muscles, and it wasn’t long before I shot my load inside her arse. Three or four long jets of cum and then as I started to lose my erection more short bursts until I slipped out of her and dribbled on her thighs.

Emma turned her head towards me again and said, “Why thank you sir. Would you say I am ready for Jerry yet?”

(For those who have not read previous posts Emma had been told by one of our party that he was going to fuck her arse, the trouble was that he didn’t have a cock, he had a monster.)

She reached down with her hand, scooped up the cum from her thighs and licked it from her fingers.

“I think maybe you are my darling.”

She smiled and said, “I think I’m gonna enjoy this party then.”

She set off out of the kitchen and said, “Are you sure you don’t want Emma the schoolgirl then?”

I followed her, into the hall and up the stairs for a shower. “If Emma the schoolgirl can do that, think what Emma the Headteacher could do.”

She smiled and said, “Let’s discuss it in the shower.

We have another week until the party, but I think we’ll enjoy the run up to it as well. I’ll report back after ‘the do.’

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