Written by Chris

11 Aug 2016

My wife Lorraine and I have been swinging for some time now and enjoy reading about others on this web site. So we thought we would share with you our initiation into the private party world.

We had done most of our swinging in local and not so local clubs where Lorraine would entertain the clientèle with stripteases, girl on girl and multiple cocks. However what we both wanted was to be invited to the private dinner parties.

We made enquiries through your web site and where invited join a group further south of where we lived. However, we were to be initiated first!

We received our joining instructions along with a request of our measurements, strange we thought. Anyway we complied and in the post came a parcel with instructions to bring to the venue without opening it.

We arrived at this large house set back in wonderful gardens behind a secured gate. We were met by the hostess, who was wearing what could be described as a lace nightie which let us see her naked body. Just what I wanted to see! We were shown to a room where another couple were waiting and were given our instructions.

We were to get dressed into the outfits provided and were to serve drinks and the meal and to be the evenings entertainment. So in for a penny we all stripped off and opened the parcels. We, the men had been given a waistcoat, cuffs and collar and what could best described as yellow speedo's, which left nothing to the imagination and where an extremely tight fit.

The 2 ladies had what we expected, a maids outfit complete with seamed stockings. Soon we were dressed and led into the kitchen by our hostess, who was now dressed in a long evening gown.

We were shown around the kitchen and details were given on what to serve and who was to serve it. We left the 'maids' in the kitchen and we were handed trays to serve the guests with drinks.

There were 6 couples in all that were invited, all the men dressed in dinner jackets and the ladies in long ball gowns, this was a select group.

When all 12 were seated the meal was served by the 'maids' as we watched on helping to clear away the plates as the courses were finished. Needless to say the 'maids' had hands up their skirts and we had our cocks stroked through the ever tightening Lycra.

The meal over we served the port and brandy, and the girls were invited over to the table one to the host and my wife to the hostess. They were instructed to remove their panties, which they did with hesitation and some grace. Then they were invited to undo the zips on the mens trosers and take out their cocks and start sucking them one by one, 3 each. As they bent over to suck, their skirts were lifted by the ladies and the maids had there pussies fingered and licked.

This had the desired effect on me, but my cock was well and truly restrained by the yellow lycra. Next the maids were invited to sit on the table with a leg on each chair, as their skirt was lifted and their legs spread the men took turns in sliding their cocks into the maids pussies. Meanwhile the ladies came over to us men stroking our hardened cocks before turning round and inviting us to undo their dresses. Within minutes we had 6 ladies standing there in just stockings and suspenders a as that was all they had on beneath those ball gowns.

It was very difficult standing there with 6 naked ladies in front of you and seeing your wife being gang banged. Still she was having a good time.

The maids were then ordered to strip down to their stockings and to watch as the group got down to some serious group sex. They were then invited to join in, but we were told to stand firm, this was the initiation!!

Since we have held similar parties and less to say I did not wear tight clothing!!