Written by chapps

17 Aug 2008

we have two friends who are gay .one night we were all drinking and having a good time.Paul the older one kept looking down my wifes top she just laught as him being gay big deal.they both lived 2 doors from us and went home for some more rye.

when they were gone my wife said to me i have a fantasy to see you have sex with a guy, i was shocked but asked her if i did whats in it for me.She said i would not be dissapointed for she would do anything.so when they came back my wife put on a porn movie,in one scene the girl was sucking a big cock the guys just starred my wife says thats nothing i bet i could suck a bigger one.paul said i bet, my wife said i bet my husband could on that cue i said no problem.Pauls friend said show us i said produce the dick he did and i did suck it all over. at this time my wife was so horny she had her shirt off shorts and underware off and playing with her self.paul said look at the big tits she said suck them he did and his friend helped.They stopped and i started till i felt my ass being licked next thing i know a cock was up my ass.Thats when i found out my wife had it all planed what a night.