Written by Creampie Surprise

24 Jul 2016

We have just got back home after having a wonderful party afternoon and evening and Chellle is now upstairs fast asleep with her pusssy filled with four guys come with some more of mine to follow.

She was a proper slut bucket tonight and enjoyed four cocks up her pussy and one in her mouth at the party that I know of. I know she enjoyed fucking a guy called Dave earlier on as I was otherwise engaged with his wife Angela for some time in the barn and Michelle never bothered to find me and I have not asked what happened whilst we were not together. I am sure we will be meeting with Angela and Dave soon!

So to the ride home. We arranged for a taxi to pick us up and Andy and Rick who did not live far from us asks if they could share our taxi. We said they could and when it was time to go we were told there was a mini bus waiting for us to take us home. There was a long ride across the country which would have to happen in second gear at best as the road was not good and was up in the hills and needed to be taken slowly. All this journey would be in the dark and I was looking forward to see how Michellle would behave.

So we got in the taxi with Michelle having a pussy that had already been fucked and was filed with cum and me with my cock emptied by Angela but gagging for some more as I knew Chelle wanted more cock if she could have some.

We got in the mini bus which was a twelve seater and Chelle sat on the second row next to Andy. Whom I knew she fancied and I sat in the back row next to Rick. We set off and it wasn't long before we were singing along with the radio and Michelle asked Andy if he had a good night, he said yeah it was a great night.

A song came on the radio that Michelle loves and she turned to Andy and put her hand behind his neck and pulled him into her and kissed him hornily. I watched as her tongue snaked into his mouth and Rick nudged me. I just told him to watch and see what happened.

Andy kissed Michelle and she sucked his tongue as his hand reached into her top and began to play with her tit pinching her nipple. Michelle gasped and put her hand on Andys cock and pulled down his zip freeing his hard prick.

Rick asked me if I was okay with this and I told him I was and to watch what went on.

I unzipped my pants and began wanking my cock as I watched the events unfold. Rick also undid his pants and took out his very hard prick and it was a good size. Fuck me I thought Michelle is going to like that fucking thing up inside her.

Michelle was now playing with Andys cock and he pushed her back in her seat and as she laid back she lifted her arse and Andy pulled down her knickers. Andy now pulled up Michelle's dress and began to finger her pusssy as he kissed her lips hard.

Michelle began to gasp as he fucked her cunt with his fingers. Michelle began to convulse and. Knew she was going to cum soon. She began to shout she was cumming and I watched as Andys fingers fucked her pusssy as Michelle came on his fingers and shot her littl jets of juice onto his hand. She continued to cum on his hand as her orgasm subsided.

Andy pulled Michell along the seat and undid his pants and revealed his hard prick. He dropped his pants to the floor and pushed his cock against Michelle's well lubricated and fleshy pussy lips.

He quickly pushed his hard prick into Michelle's very wet pussy and without finesse began to fuck her pussy hard which is what she needed.

She told Andy to fuck her cunt hard and to fill it with his hot sperm. She said. Fuck my pussy Andy fuck your cum into my wet cunt hard, fill me with your hot spunk you dirty bastard.

Andy. Fucked Michelle's pussy very hard and very quickly and I watched from behind as his cock shot his hot wet spunk up my wife's open and willing pussy.

As Andybegan to subside his softening prick flopped out of Michelle's pussy and I saw a drizzle of his sperm ooze out of her red fucked pussy lips.

Come on Chelle said I need another cock up inside me. I w as going to oblige but Rick got up and pushed Andy out of the way and fell upon Michelle as the mini van rocked and Ricks hard prick fell onto Michelle's clit. She took his prick and began to rub it against her clitoris and fleshy pussy lips. I watched as Andys sperm ran out of Michelle's pussy as she rubbed Ricks big prick against her clit and the manoeuvred it lower and it almost leapt inside her very large fleshy pussy lips.

No sooner than Rick felt his large hard prick inside Michelle he began to fuck her hard and fast. He banged his cock inside Michelle as I watched it from behind, Andys sperm covering his prick as it fucked inside Michelle's wet pussy.

Rick began to jerk inside Michelle and began to upload a huge amount of sperm inside my wife. No sooner as he shouted he was coming his prick convulsed inside Michelle and I saw his arse twitch as his cum shot out of his balls and ejaculated inside my wife. He just kept shooting huge amounts of his sperm into Michelle and she shouted she could feel his cum flooding inside her pussy.

Rick began to calm down and I watched as he pulled out and his sperm flowed down Michelle's open and well fucked cunt. Rick setback on the chair opposite in the mini van and I took his place filling my beautiful wife's cum filled cunt with my cock. I managed a couple of thrust and added my sperm to the two guys, Michelle had no time to come further, I was just too exited.

We had not even got off the estate we were on and the driver asked if he could pull over and have a wank, Michelle told him to get in the back with her and she would wank him off.

He pulled over and Michelled got his cock as he got in the back and began wanking him. She told him to play with her spunk filled cunt as she wanked him and he pushed four fingers inside and began finger fucking her pussy roughly, Michelle liked this and wanked him harder. She told him to finger her cunt harder and more roughly and he obliged finger fucking her pussy hard and fast. She began to cum on his fingers and the taxi driver shot a huge wad of spunk onto Michelle's wide open pussy lips as she came shooting her girly jets of pussy cum as we all watched. The taxi drivers spunk mingled with her pussy juice and all our cum as her wide open and very wet cunt began to subside.

She told me to lick her pussy clean and I put my mouth to her cunt and began to suck the juices both hers and mine and the guys until my mouth was full, then I positioned my mouth above hers and drizzled the juices into her open and willing mouth whilst playing with her clitoris. She did not cum but loved the sensation.

We then set off away from the estate and made our way back to our house where we are now with Michelle upstairs.

I have Been listening to her playing with herself as our bedroom is directly above where I am writing this and my prick is now hard again so I am going to go upstairs and let her feel my swollen cock inside her dirty wet pussy again and remind her of the four dirty pricks she has had inside her shooting their dirty spunk up her hot wet snatch!

What a dirty hot wet fuck slut bitch Michelle is and I love her!