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Party time

"a shock and a funny story"

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The first party I went to was a consolation prize.

It was not too long after opening my account here. I had been chatting to a lady on here and eventually we arranged to meet. I booked a hotel, but two weeks before the meet she changed her mind. There is nothing wrong with that. I was disappointed but we had things planned and most of them I could do on my own.

So I did my sight seeing, but I still thought I had missed something, sex. I looked online and found a party, rang up and got an invite.

Walking up the path I wondered what I was letting myself in for. The couple who ran the party were 'nice', but there was no interest between us. 

I walked around a bit rather aimlessly and was approached by a man who offered me his wife. We chatted and went upstairs. 

We selected a room. Most of it was a bed. We stripped off and two more men joined us. Sandy, her name is burned in my memory, she was the first woman that I swung with. Yes, I had met other women since I was married and my wife knew it had happened, but Sandy was the first that her husband was there. Sandy sat on the edge of the bed and I was to fuck her. Something I was very willing to do. Sadly my anatomy was not cooperating. This was a new problem for me and it embarrassed me. To gain time as much as giving Sandy her pleasure I knelt and tongued her pussy all the time willing an erection. Finally it was hard enough to roll a condom on to. With a lot of help from my hand my semi went in.

I started moving but not much I was afraid I would slip out. The husband told me to fuck her. She said "he is". Gradually I got harder, the 3 men watching me was not bothering me so much. I felt the husband's hand on my balls. That was an unexpected shock, I missed a few thrusts and a heart beat, thinking about it later I was surprised that I reached for his cock and gave it a couple of awkward pulls, then returned to fucking his wife. That was my first bi experience, not a very big one.

I fucked Sandy, she got fucked by another man, I kissed and played with her tits. She got dressed, I got dressed. 

I think I disappointed those 3 men. If the husband was a little more likeable they may have got at my cock. They did not. It took me a few years to handle a cock again. 

I went back to that party and had lots of fun. I only saw that couple again once. She would have played, but he said no.

Another little story from that party, at a later date. A man and I took a woman, Sue, upstairs, it was her first visit. We put her in the swing. I ate her pussy, by the time I stood to fuck her two more guys had joined us getting their cocks sucked and wanked. Another half dozen were watching, some wanking.

I stood aside, the other guy Larry, he took my place. We took her off the swing, and continued to play with her on a mattress. Everyone drifted away including the couple who were playing close by. We were the last to leave, the three of us went downstairs naked. The man who invited us to the party was there. Sue started to get dressed and she said something I have always considered funny. Now think about what had happened that night. She stripped naked in front of 12 to 20 people, they had seen her fucking 2 men multiple times while wanking 2 more and eating cock and she says, "I have never got dressed in front of 3 men before."

Written by tmann

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