Written by gary10

28 Sep 2008

Six weeks before we married we were at a friends wedding and Lou disappeared. I spied her snogging with another guest and she was in the middle of giving him a hand job. If I had been really jealous I should have done something about it but I never let on and she said nothing when she returned. A year later and now married, she returned from a \"shopping trip\" and sheepishly told me that she had just been shagged by a lad she worked with and asked my forgiveness and told me it would never happen again. The shagging she got from me only served as encouragement for her extra marital activity.

Working behind a bar gave her ample opportunity for boyfriends who sometimes returned her to the door, obviously well shagged and sometimes still with spunk in her hair. Sometimes she would hand me her panties which were covered in spunk.

Thankfully, it was not all one-sided we had friends that we would swap with or I would go over to my mates house and have a threesome. We were quite open about our exploits and sometimes enjoy same-room sex.

Lou loved sex, absolutely no doubt and then it all changed. She told me she had found someone else. He was loving, caring etc etc etc. They have been married now for many years and meeting my ex was very limited as I had moved away. However, in a chance phone call, she remarked that those days were well and truly over. That her husband had proved to be a disaster and he had not shagged her for years, to which I remarked, \"what a waste\". That was all she needed. It appears that she had not been entirely celibate and proceeded to tell me about her days out, where of course she spared no detail. Our phone calls have turned into mutual wanking sessions. Just to be an absolutely randy bitch she phones me up at work to tell me that she had just had session a with her gym trainer and had him shoot his cum in her mouth.

We have met up a couple of times and have even spent the night at her house when hubby was away. I have to say she is as good today as she was all those years ago. She particularly likes to be bum fucked and have me cum in her mouth. Like a vintage wine, age has not impaired the experience.