Written by Border cpl

22 Aug 2007

We arived at the hotel in Benidorm about 2pm after being delayed in Manchester for 3 hrs. We were hot and sticky and ready for a shower and a change of clothes.

I put the cases on the bed and Paula opened up the patio doors and started to strip off.

First her Tee shirt and bra then her jeans and panties which she dropped as she step into the bathroom.

She emerged after about 5 mins and toweled herself off by the patio doors with the sun on her,then stepped back saying some perv was watching her.

I glanced out and saw the guy about 50 step back from his window and still looking by the curtain.

Well you are naked and he has got taste I said, Paula is 38yo slight tummy after two children with 34d tits that still hold up when she stands.

The kids are home with grand parents for us to have a break.

Give him a flash I said he looks as though he needs it.

At first she just toweled her self then I passed her some sun lotion and she teased him rubbing it on her naked body flicking her nipples as she did.

I could see him playing with his cock by the side of the curtain and Paula was obviously turned on by her and his actions.

The show was stopped by the rep knocking on our door asking if all was ok.

That night Paula left the curtains open and got dressed to go for a meal in front of the window but the guy was not there.

I got hard just seeing my nomal wife turning exibitionist and teased her over dinner ,but she denied it untill we had a few drinks later and she asked how I felt with men seeing her naked.

I explained that all men get a kick out of other men seeing their wives bodies and some like to see other men fucking their wives.

She didnt say any more then untill we got back to the room after stopping in a few bars on the way back.

It was hot and I openned the patio doors and stood to the side with the light on in the studio and Paula getting undressed still flashing as she did and sure enough the guy was back by his window standing naked wanking away.

I quietly told Paula and she put on a show with after sun.

It was then I noticed some lads in the higher room opposite getting a good eyefull and then coming out on their balcony.

Paua had fingers in her fanny by this time and was calling for me to get on top of her.

I was in her soft sopping wet fanny in no time then she had get on top to show her tits off as they bounced up and down as she fucked me.

It was then I told her about the lads watching too and she tightened her fanny on my cock and came in a massise gush just before I did.

The next night we whent on a pub crawl with the reps and ended up seeing Sticky Vicky at which time we were both well oiled and I played with Paulas tits quite openly in the bar without her saying any thing.

It was then that the lads from opposite came in just as the show was ending.

They bought drinks then spotted us in the corner, Paula had not noticed them so I went to the bar and stood by them to order a drink.

One of them asked me what the show was like and said they had missed it, I told them it wasnt bad and he said they had recognisedus and that they were in our hotel.

I invited them over and they came when I took the drinks back.