Written by Dave

21 Aug 2019

Some weeks ago, I wrote to tell you of how my wife Paula and I had introduced what I thought was a friend into our life and how later I found out that he had introduced others to fuck Paula when I wasn’t there, Paula had told me that I accept it or she would just continue without my consent….see Paul’s holiday photos and the update.

I have to tell you all that I wasn’t best pleased but what could I do? Therefore I let her have Jim’s friends though I never was present when she did.

Last week, I came from work and the house was empty, I called her phone but it was on answer so I called friends but got no indication where she was so I decided to go to Jim’s.

I knocked at the door and Jim answered, just poking his head around the door but keeping his body hidden……….”Come in Dave” he said, “She’s upstairs, but you’d better brace yourself”.

I entered and when Jim shut the door, I saw he was naked and tat there was chatting and noise coming from upstairs.

I followed Jim and entered his spare bedroom and Paula was lying on a bed with a youth about 19 between her legs fucking her for all her was worth and another 9 men all naked and aged between 18 to 70, they were all encouraging this young man to fuck her. She was covered in sweat and her hair was soaked in sweat too, she looked like she had been fucked for hours.

I stood looking, aghast but I felt my cock growing and getting harder than I had known before.

“she’s been here for an hour and this is the second round for everyone,...Dave, she is insatiable, she can’t get enough cock in her, this isn’t the first gangbang she’s had, my grandson brings his mates around regularly, I've even had takeaways from the Indian and Chinese paid for with Paula,s cunt”…...I looked at the wet patch she was lying on, and I could see how much spunk she’d had and was running out of her.

Then Jim said something that made me feel ashamed, when the young lad finished fucking her and dumping his second load of spunk up her, he said, “come on Dave, get your kit off and fuck her, she is your wife after all”….all of the men suddenly cheered as they didn’t know she was my wife.

I hesitated but Jim started loosening my belt and pants and told me to get on with it and fuck my slut wife…...I didn’t want to but but my cock was so hard and I felt compelled to. I put my cock into her and I don’t know why, maybe anger or whatever, but I fucked her harder and more savagely than ever before calling her all the sluts in the world. I lasted only a couple of minutes before giving her my spunk too……...she smiled at me and I felt ashamed.

The doorbell rang again and Jim went to the door and returned with a woman about 30ish who immediately stripped her clothes off and when the man who had taken my place, got on the bed and started kissing Paula, really passionate and grinding herself on Paula pubes to pubes. All in the room stood wanking and watching the pair. The woman Claire, then went down between Paula’s legs and started to lick her out and sucking out the spunk inside Paula.

Then Claire positioned herself into a 69 position and I saw that Paula was equally at home with a woman as she was with multiple men.

I left without Paula an hour later and she was still being fucked by those present and as I drove home, I could not stop thinking that my stupid action of sending Jim that photo and led to my normal, faithful wife into a raving nympho who it doesn’t seem that she is bothered about age or gender, she has just become a piece of fuck meat, and I started it.