Written by D Woollley

12 Feb 2018

Don’t get me wrong, I love Leanne and find her the sexiest, dirtiest slut I have ever met, but these last couple of days with Pauline have knaked me out completely. It is just as well is going home tomorrow and Leanne won’t be back for a day or two after. But I get in front of myself. First let me tell you what Pauline and I got up to last night.

We went up to the bed room about four o-clock, why wait until its dark and cold, and we were soon naked on the bed kissing and petting. I had applied some lube into her fanny as for what I intended she was going to need it. I had already got three fingers of one hand rubbing her ‘G’ spot and my other hand underneath her with the middle finger up her arse. She was flooding the bed as usual with her own juices.

I Reached over her and took hold of Leanne’s favourite rabbit and turned on the vibrating ears before slipping it into her waiting hole. I then turned on the squirming shaft and Pauline began to moan and groan as it drove her towards her orgasm. My intention was not to make her come yet though, we had a long way to go before that was going to happen I hoped.

I slid a seven inch gold master vibrator into her arse, she was really starting to groan and mutter now. I eased the rabbit out of her and inserted the one from her arse into her pussy and put a regular seven inch slime- Jim into her arse. She was still on the verge of coming when I took the slim-Jim out of her bum and slid it in alongside the gold master this caused her to tip over the edge straight away. She was grabbing them both in her hands not knowing which one to push in the most.

Pauline took them both out herself and as she came down I gave her the whopper that she had taken the night before. She turned on the vibes and squeezed it into her pussy. I took the slim-Jim and pressed it into her arse, with the vibrations on full. She came again as she worked the huge dildo in and out of her wet hole. I knew that nothing was going in alongside that monster.

I attached the nipple pump to her right tit and started to pump; her nipple popped out readily and soon filled the little cup. I swapped it onto the other breast and did the same, so that now both her nipples were full and plump. The nipple pump I placed over her clitty, and Pauline wanted to know what this was going to do to her. I soon showed her as I pumped away at the bulb.

Her clit, which was already hard and sticking out from under its little hood responded by growing bigger and getting redder the more I pumped. “Ooh, ooh, ooh.” Was all Pauline could manage to say as I squeezed the bulb some more. “Do you like that?” I asked, which seemed like a daft question really I suppose. “Oh yes, but no more.” She begged.

I released the pressure and Pauline took the dildos out of her holes. I dived down between her legs and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and nibbled on it gently. That was all it took to send her over the top once again. I made a mental note to myself to get one of those pussy pumps, if sucking her clit out could make her this sensitive, then how would she be if the whole region was pumped.

Pauline took hold of my ears and tugged me up the bed and then grabbed my arse as she once again drove me into her. Thanking the god of Viagra I worked myself in and out of her, doing my best to match the rhythm she had used the vibrator at. I could feel her hard clit pressing against me every time I pressed in. We changed position and I took her from the back spooning, reaching around to rub her clit. We both came together and I let my softening cock slip from her hole and we lay panting for a while before going down stairs for a drink.

Pauline said that her clit and nipples were still very sensitive and I could give them a suck later if I wanted. So we spent most of the night with me either sucking her now huge nipples, or chewing on her engorged clit. Pauline, well she just spent the night coming over and over.

And yes I had heard from Leanne and yes she had fucked the brother-in-law and his brother, but not as a threesome. She had them both on consecutive nights. I knew she would the dirty cow.