Written by new slut in town

16 Jul 2015

My name is Helen. I'm 28, 6' tall and even if I say so myself I have quite a decent figure. I'm writing to you becouse I want to teach my husband a lesson. Patrick can be kind but he can also be a prick. He goes on and on about wanting to join a swingers club and how we should fuck other people to spice our lives up. In the end I agreed to us going to a swingers party. It was ok, there was a lot of older people there and as the party progressed a lot of people disappeared for sex.

I got annoyed at being pestered by men and women. I was there to see what it was about and to let my husband get to out of his system not really thinking he would do anything.

I wondered around the house seeing men and women in various states of undress going or receiving blow jobs and fucking strangers. Towards 10 ish I was getting bored so went to look for him. I found him naked, on his back with a 50+ woman riding his cock. Her huge tits swinging, the two of them grunting. He was like a teenager who had never sucked tits before.

He saw me and looked sheepish but that didn't stop him shooting his cum all over her tits after shoving her on her back.

The ride home was quiet except for him telling me I could fuck someone if I liked and that it was only sex, before giving me al list of what I couldn't and couldn't do.

He had to wear a condom, couldn't cum inside me. My husband had to watch. I couldn't give him a blow job and he couldn't cum over me. Oh, and I wasn't to orgasm!!!!

So I decided to pay him back. I waited for a weekend he was working away, got our video camera out (so he could watch). Went on line to find a fuck buddy, which was easier than I expected and invited him to come to visit.

He is a gorgeous hunk of a guy with a cock twice the size of my husbands.

I lay the camera on a chair on the living room and switched it on.

My 'friend' undressed showing off his amazing body and well hung cock. I stripped before kneeling down and taking him in my mouth and taking him as deeply as I could, gagging loudly so the camera could hear me.

And then I let my 'friend' fuck me making sure he didn't wear a condom. he was amazing, he had me on the floor, against the wall and over the end of the settee fucking me doggy style, his balls slapping against my arse. I even tried a little anal before moving the camera so it had a clear shot of him fucking me bareback on the setee.

His mouth exploring my body, my pussy and tits and I fucking loved it. His cock was so deep inside me I could feel him stretching me and the feeling when he poured cum into me gave me the most amazing orgasm I have EVER had.

And when he had finished I cleaned his wet cum and pussy juice soaked cock with my mouth and he tasted amazing, even managing a little squirt in my mouth.

My husband, as expected went nuts but we're all fine now. He goes to his little parties and fucks away and I fuck my 'friend' three times a week. I'm hoping soon that his wife will become my 'friend' soon.