Written by elliemae

22 Feb 2014

Well since my post on the 8th February Alan and I still have not had a return fuck but in 2 weeks time our boss is treating us to a day at a hotel with spa, facials for the ladies and a round of golf for the guys and I am going to make the effort to make sure Alan and I have that return fuck off which I will let you know.

This is how I met my partner of 10 years who is a policeman. i had just moved into my new home which was in a row of terraced houses when 2 of the houses were burgled well we had a bit of police activity with crime prevention leaflets and checking locks and doors to help us be more secure. My visit was from Greg all 6`3" of him with lovely long legs. Of course I wasn`t at my best just out of the bath and lounging about in my old PJs. I invited him in he did his keep safe talk checking my locks and I said would he like a coffee, as I openbed the jar of coffee realised there was not enough for 2 reached into a tall cupboard for the new jar when I heard him say let me and he stretched over me to get the jar. I turned to thank him and as he gazed at me I saw that look i have seen in many mens eyes wondering did they have a chance???? i quickly made the coffee and after 10 minutes he left it was only after he left I realised he had asked me a lot of questions about me without me realising one of which was I often filled in at a local pub if they were short staffed.

I did think about Greg a bit wondering what it would be like to have that long body and hopefully good sized cock between my legs and yes i did finger myself off with the thought of it. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in the bar when I looked up and there he was in washed denim jeans which showed of those lovely long legs and a denim shirt stretched nicely across those broad shoulders. I poured him a drink we chatted and then he asked when i finished I said it was just an afternoon shift I had an hour left before the next person came. He asked would I like to have drink with him, I smiled of course. When I was finished I went to the toilet to freshen up take of my bra and undo a few buttons so if he looked he would get a good view of my 34G tits. We decided on a bottle of wine and as it was a good evening went into the small beer garden. We chatted for a few hours and yes he did look at my tits in fact a few times he leaned over me to pour my wine and his knuckles brushed against my nipples which of course made them nice and hard and erect. The bottle was empty he said would I like another and I gazed straight into his eyes and said I have one in my fridge at home why don`t we have that one. He grinned and brought his mouth to mine and we had a long lingering kiss, he pulled me close his hand running up and down my back then he undid another button on my blouse and kissed first one then the other tit. We left making our way back to mine arms around each others waist although his usually came up to squeeze my tit, good job it had started to get dark and we stopped at a few darkened place to kiss and me to rub his cock through his jeans.

By the time we arrived the pair of us were panting with lust, we closed the door and he pulled me back onto his cock he was rigid, my last blouse button was undone and my tits were being well and truly squeezed bliss. Greg started to speak and his language was so dirty about what he was going to do to me and he knew I was a real slut and things he wanted me to do to him. We got to the bedroom and I stripped of as he watched,he ordered me to lie on the bed and open my legs so I can see your cunt, now finger yourself. I did as asked as he stripped of, I wasn`t far of my first orgasm and he waited till with a groan I came. He pulled me up and started to wank himself in my face I went to pull his cock into my mouth, not yet he orderd and then rubbed my face with his cock repeating the word slut over and over and then he let me suck him. Again an order suck my hairy balls slut, I could tell by the way his cock was throbbing he would spunk soon and then with a jerk he spunked over my face. We fell back onto the bed my face covered in spunk and he started to kiss me his tongue licked my face and then deep into my mouth.

His fingers went between my legs pushing 3 fingers in his thumb rubbing my clit I came hard on his hand my juices flowing like water from my cunt. We lay in silence for a few minutes, he said I hope you don`t mind the dirty talk but it hightens my excitement, I said I did not mind as long all the things he said he would definitly do to me. Well shall we start with you sucking my cock to get me hard again so I can give you a good hard ride. I took his length into my mouth licking the length of his shaft then pulling his foreskin down running my tongue over his bell end and soon he was hard again. On your knees this dog is going to fuck this bitch he whispered at me yanking me over his cock bouncing of my arse then he plunged into me grabbing my hips and pounding for all he was worth, he fucked me long and hard untill with a grunt I felt his hot spunk shoot into me.

We fell asleep but as soon as woke we went at it again in fact we only got out of bed to bring a drink or food, he found some cream in my fridge brought it in smearing it over his cock and my cunt and we did an enjoyable 69 position till we both came. Greg was a complete surprise to me I was no angel as ever since i first had sex I knew how much I needed hard cock to satisfy my craving for it, but Greg well as i say I could fill a book of what we have done over the last 10 years and maybe I will write some down.