Written by Just Bob

14 Apr 2011

My gal Cara was taking me to a strip club for my 30th birthday. She dressed in her little black dress low cut to show off her 38DD. Four inch heels, stockings, make-up she looked slutty hot! So we off to the topless bar about 25 miles away. She missed the exit and we were going to turn the next one and head back. At the top of the ramp and across the road was an "adult news stand". She pulled into the parking lot, saying lets check this place out.

Once inside there was everything you could think of related to sex. Books, porn mags, DVDs, dildo/vibrators,anal probes & beads, inflatable luv dolls, lubes, jells & oils, leather & latex items....the list goes on. Cara found the entrance to the peep show area and led me in. A room with many doors, one for each booth. She really liked the chrome tissue dispensers mounted in the walls.

Cara opened the door to an empty room and pulled me in. I shut the door it was a bit small for the two of us and just one chair. She put money it the slot and selected gangbang porn. Next Cara lifted her dress over her head to reveal black lace panties and half shelf bra. She then took my pants down and cock out of my boxers. I sat in the chair while fondling her boobs. Cara then started to give me the birthday BJ as promised. She has great oral talents and I was hard in no time. The porn was blurry a very tired monitor behind plexiglass. Cara scrolled through the various selections. Gay, lesbian, girls and guys masterbating, straight sex, all anal,she left it on anal.

The door opened, shit, I forgot to lock it! There stood a man about fifty years old watching Cara giving me head. She stood up and asked him what he wanted. "Some of that" was his response. Cara told him to come back in five minuts. He smiled and said OK. I closed and locked the door this time Cara took off her panties and lowered herself on my shaft. She fucked fast and furious and made me cum in her pussy in just three minutes! I got my pants up and left as she got dressed.

The man was outside of the peep room looking at some porn mags. I gave him a nod and he went back into the room of peepshow booths. I did not see what happened but this is what she told later.

CARA's Story...

I was about to leave the booth when the door opened. The man at the door was the same as before. He joined me in the booth. He put money in the video machine and gave me a smile and opened his pants letting his hard dick out. He asked for me to strip. I didn't know what to do. Since we started swinging a few months ago I thought you (bob) sent him in. Durring my hesitation he lifted my dress was off. Standing there stunned. He sucked my Nippless, rubbed my pussy thru my soaked panties. He then sat down and spoke "OK baby do your stuff." So I started to stroke his cock and the put my mouth over the head. I got a good rythem going as his cock grew. He had one hand on my boob playing with the nipple. His the other stoking my ass. Soon his cock swelled and he thust his hips forward to fuck my face. One, two, three, thrusts and he started to erupt into my mouth. He held my face in his lap until he finished cumming. I swallowed his load and then he released me. I rubbed his spent cock on the side of my face licking his soft shaft. I pumped out the last of cum two or three droplets on my cheek. He stood up and put his cock away. With out a word he gave me some money and left. I put my dress on again andy made my way out to you.

I looked a Cara and saw the strangers cum on her face and pointed it out to her. She was going to get a tissue to clean up with. But I said "No, you wear that for the rest of the night. Lets got to the titty bar and see whats shaking."