Written by Graham

17 Jan 2008

Penelope and I served on a local parish council in the 1980s but we never saw eye to eye. She and her friend opted to go to the parish councils conference one yearbut unfortunately her friend was unable to attend so as chairman of the council I had to fill in the place.

I was not looking forward to spending three days with Penelope but it would only have to be at the conference.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in and went off to the centre for the opening meeting that afternoon.It was the usual boring stuff of explaing procedure and the programme. Afterwards we went back to the hotel for a meal and I had to share a table with Penelope so I decided the next two nights I would go out to eat. The meal passed with out any out break of war and afterwards we went to the bar for a drink. We were with some other councillors from up north and passed a pleasant evening drinking. About 10.30 Penelope said she was going to have a bath and jokingly I said I would come and scrub her back. She smiled at me and winked. Was this a come on? I was soon to find out.

I went up to my room which had an interconnecting door with Penelopes and to my amazement found it was open. I took off my Jacket and tie and peered into her room. A skimpy nightdress was laid out on the bed and I could hear splashing from the bathroom.

I went and looked round the bathroom door. She smiled at me and said that thought I was not going to come. I entered and began to sponge her back and she suggested I remove my clothes and get in with her.This I did.

Penelope has red hair and a somewhat pointed face, her breasts are small with large brown nipples. the rest icould not see as it was below the water line. I felt her hand brush against my cock and eventually grasp it.

Slowly she began to wank me off. I told her Iwas about to come and she said she was not going to waste it lets dget out of the bath and make proper use of it.

She stood up and for the first time I saw all of her nakedness. She had a small waist, a prominent mount and ginger haired fanny, her thighs were firm if a liitle thin.She grabbed a towel and we dried off.

Taking my hand she led me to her bed.We lay down and she began to lick my nipples. i have always found this erotic and soon had a raging hard on. Her hand reached down for it and was soon gently wanking me off. My btreathing increased as I approached my climax and I realised That she had stopped wanking and My cock was in her mouth and it was being gently hoovered by her tongue. My jism burst up my cock and into her mouth. She spluttered a little then lapped up every drop.

She lay on her back her legs wide apart and told me it was her turn now. Ifingered her nipples and ran my tongue down her firm tummy , over her mount and onto her ginger heaven. My tongue split her lips and found her distened clitoris. Licking this soon had her writhing and catching her breath.

She slid down and reaxched for my slowly growing cock and rubbed it between her labia. She was very moist and my lubricated head soon found it self at her tight entrance. She thrust upwards from the bed and my cock entered her tunnel. It was warm and firm. I thrust into her. She made a sharp intake of breath as my cock pushed against her cervix. Having already delivered one load a juice I was able to thrust in and out of her for somewhile. She was making lots of sounds and we both arrived at our pleasure point together.

We spent the rest of the time we were not in meetings exploring many positions and after three days had had a wonderful time.

On our return we still sat on opposite side of the fence at meetings but would regularly meet up for a session.