Written by Rob

13 Dec 2009

I have been married to the same woman for thirty years and we are both in our early fifties, Sarah has always looked good and dresses very well and still gets plenty of appreciative looks from men wher we are out or even just shopping. She has always liked to tease and we have had several episodes where we would find an out of the way pub where no one knew us and we would sit at the bar and Sarah would cross and uncross her shapeley legs until some guy was giving her a good looking at. I would make like I needed to take a call on my mobile and leave her sat alone, we both got a huge thrill out of the number of strangers who approached her to chat as soon as my back was turned.

Anyway last Saturday we decided to go for a meal to this nice place in the country which we had heard about. As usual Sarah looked great without being overstated, she wore a nice above the knee dress with dark tan stockings and about four inch heels. When she was getting dressed at home and was putting on her lipstick sat in her lacey bra, panties, stockings and suspenders I asked her if she was up for some flashing fun, she giggled and said you never know.

I told he I would drive so she could have a few drinks and that I would wait till we got back home and have a few nightcaps later. The place was about a 45 minute drive from home in the countryside and when we arrived we were welcomed by the front of house lady who sat us in the small bar to look at the dinner menus.

We parked ourselves at the bar and I immediately had that nice feeling when you know the food etc is going to be good, Sarah climbed onto the barstool and her dress rode up in the process to reveal a nice amount of thigh which she then made better by crossing her legs befor smoothing down her dress, the action of doing this had revealed a view of bare leg above her stocking top for a second and this did not escape the attention of a youngish guy sat alone in the corner.

We ordered drinks and I whispered do you want to flirt, Sarah said he's kind of cute so made my usual excuse of a phone call and left the bar and went into the carpark and pretended to talk on my phone.

I could see in the bar through the window and saw that this young man had gone to the bar for a refil immediately after I had left. He stood close to Sarah and I could see he was having a good look at her legs and boobs, she gave him a smile and said hi, he replied and soon they were chatting and laughing together.

After giving her time to get aquainted I rejoined her and she said the guys name was Mark and he was staying at the pub while on business, we all chatted for a while and could see he really like Sarah who would herself lean towards him and touch his arm while talking.

We had dinner and went back in the bar so she could have a liquer, anyway Mark was still in there and Sarah said let's sit at his table, I thought okay this could get interesting.

I again made my excuse and left them alone, this time from outside I could see Sarah was really sat close to him and he was certainly trying his arm, he even reached out to stroke her cheek at one point whish she responded to by squeezing his thigh just below his pants zipper.

I went back in and suggested we stop by another place which was a couple of miles down the road, he accepted and I said I would drive, Sarah said did I mind if she sat in the back with Mark so they could chat without her having to turn around all the time, I said that was fine so after paying up we went outside.

The car wa sparked at the far side of the carpark and it was by now deserted, the surface was uneven and Sarah was having a hard time walking in her heels so Mark reached around her waist and took her arm to help her.

They were walking very close togeteher and when we got to the car and unlocked it she had her arms around him and he had dropped his hand so that he held the hem of her dress up around mid thigh, I had this fantastic view of my by now very horny wife being escorted to our car by a handsome young man who had lifted her dress up to reveal the tops of her stockings and some bare leg above her suspenders.

Once he got the back door open he looked at me and I nodded, he bent down and put his mouth near her lips and I saw her open her mouth and he toungue come out to be kissed.

His hands began exploring her body through her dress which he started to lift up till it was up around her waist, his hands ran up her legs over her stocking tops to touch her pussy through the tiny lacey pink panties.

I saw her hand drop to unzip him and she soon had his penis in her hand and masturbated his erection.

He sat her down on the back seat with her legs outside the car and she continued to wank him before opening her mouth and slowly sucking the end of his dick.

He took this for a while before pulling her up to kiss her again then turning her round and pushing her forward so she was knelt on the seat with her arse stuck out of the car.

He told her to help him pull her panties down and I wantched her hands go up and with Marks help ease the soaking wet panties down her thighs till they were below her stocking tops. She reached back and took his penis and stroked it before putting it in her pussy lips.

Mark fucked her while talking dirty to her which made her come in no time, after Sarah came Mark suddenly got faster and came deep inside her wet hairy pussy.

After they got tidied up he left us to go back inside.

We drove home in absolure bliss after what had happened and after making us a couple of very strong drinks she showed me her panties and stockings which were soaked in his semen and also her pussy hairs which were also sticky. She used her panties to masturbate me while she undressed so that was a perfect ending to a great night out.