Written by Emma

16 May 2011

I'm sorry if this whole story is a bit long winded, but I thought that at least some explanation of how they drew me in was required. Obviously I've omitted things which were said and done to try and move the story along but hopefully retained enough for it to make sense.

The afternoon flew by, butterflies in my stomach as the time passed. At 5ish I went upstairs to shower, washing my hair, shaving my legs and under my arms. I recalled Lewis's comment about my bush and trimmed it. I went into the bedroom leaving the curtains open, there didn't seem much point in closing them, and sat on the bed naked where I could be seen if they looked, drying and straightening my hair. I applied my make up before trying to decide what to wear. Jane hadn't suggested anything and I doubted I would have what I did wear on for long. I chose a matching lacy bra and string, a tight mid thigh dress with a zip the length of the front and a pair of wedge sandals. Quarter to seven, a spray of my favourite perfume and I was ready, but didn't want to arrive early. Downstairs, a couple of stiff drinks, then about 10 past 7 picking up my bag, containing my phone and trusty Rabbit, I headed across the road and knocked on the door.

Lewis opened it and he followed me upstairs to the lounge on the first floor. A sofa on one side, several bean bags, coffee table and a huge flat screen TV on the wall the video of me playing on it. The curtains were closed, all the lights on. He fetched me a drink telling me Jane was still upstairs. We chatted and I asked how many friends were invited and more to the point how it helped pay the debt. A slightly puzzled looked crossed his face, he asked what Jane had told me, then explained that they were what he described as “party guests” who paid to come and had been charged extra to meet me. Before I could ask more Jane called down telling me to go up to her bedroom.

I noticed a camera set up on a tripod in front of the window, connected to a laptop, opening the curtains it would have been aimed at our bedroom. In a few seconds I took in the rest of the room, the largest bed I'd ever seen, lined up on the dressing table a dozen of so vibrators and dildo's, some attached to harnesses. Jane came out of the en suite wearing a leather Basque, the minimal cups supporting her firm perfectly round tits but leaving the dark nipples exposed. Between her legs leather straps, fishnet hold ups and 5 inch heels, similar to the outfit I'd seen her wearing under her coat that once. She saw me looking at the toys, “We can try them later, you're sure to enjoy it.” She kissed me on both cheeks, surprising me when her lips brushed mine, before taking hold of the zip on the front of my dress and pulling it down telling me it was time to get me ready. She went behind me undoing my bra, slipping it down my arms and off. Her hands touched my breasts and I jumped as she cupped them both, fingertips fluttering against my nipples. I froze suddenly remembering that the previous night she had been the one encouraging me to expose my cunt to them and masturbate, only now realising that she was bi and what she probably intended to do to me with the toys. I was about to say something when she stopped touching my tits, but not before my nipples had become erect. Her hands slowly moved down my sides. I could feel her tits against my back, hard nipples touching me, an involuntary shiver of alarm, or was it excitement, passed through my body, I'm not sure which. She hooked her thumbs into my panties, her fingers briefly touching my pussy, pulling them down for me to step out of. I sat on the bed before she could do anything and removed my sandals and waited. I could feel my heart beating, sitting naked as she picked up an item form the bed, telling me I was about the same size as her and to stand while she checked. She helped me put it on, a cupless basque leaving my tits exposed, pulling my waist narrower. She seemed satisfied with it though it was a little tight. Next came thigh length boots, with high stiletto heels. I heard several voices coming from downstairs, people arriving, I felt more nervous about what I'd let myself in for. Jane walked around me, as if appraising me, she adjusted the Basque, touching my tits again, stroking my nipples, her touch soft and gentle. Her hand moved downwards touching my bush, running her fingers through the hair touching my slit. I'd been expecting it and didn't even flinch, not even when she slid her finger along my slit and slipped it in my pussy. She smiled, feeling my wetness, moving it in and out, making me wetter, before removing it, putting it in her mouth and licking my juices from it. “The hair will have to go. We can do it downstairs. They'll enjoy watching me shave your pussy” This will sound silly, but my first thought wasn't shock at what she intended to do, I blurted out “What will I tell Richard” “He'll love it, tell him it's a surprise next time he fucks you” probably one of the few true things she told me. Without waiting for a reply she got scissors, razors, foam, towels from the cupboard. No discussion, the decision was made, my pussy was going to be shaved in front of their so called guests as part of their entertainment. I wondered what else she had planned, knowing I was in way to far to stop. My conscious mind might have had doubts, telling me to flee, my pussy was another story, sex juices trickling out, almost tingling with excitement as Jane led me downstairs to the waiting guests.

My legs were shaking as I walked down the stairs, who ever was down there, looking up could see my boot clad legs, then my pussy flashing my gash with each step, cinched waist, followed by my uncovered tits, nipples still poking out hard, and finally my face. I forced myself to smile at them. Lewis and six men all staring at my almost naked body. Jane introduced me and announced that as a special treat for them I had agreed to let her shave my pussy while they watched. A murmur of approval, as she crouched down, touching my pussy gently tugging my pubes and continued “I think I'll need someone to help, any volunteers?” Of course as she well knew all of them did. She told them they couldn't all help and they'd have to bid and pay for the pleasure. Lewis gave them all a slip of paper and they each wrote down how much they were prepared to pay to help shave me. Jane told me to lay back on a bean bag open my legs and play with myself to encourage them to bid more, intimating that the further I went the quicker the money would be repaid. While she fetched a bowl of hot water, I lay fingering my pussy, surprised at how wet I was. I've no idea how much was paid but she returned and a guy of around fifty knelt beside her while the rest crowded around to watch, except for Lewis who had fetched the camera and began videoing.

I lifted my bum to get a towel under me, eyes shut just to slits, spreading my legs wide, as Jane told the man to use the scissors to trim my pubes but to be very careful. I felt him taking a tuft of hair, snip,another tuft, snip. Jane’s hand on my thigh, the guy taking his time, either being very careful or getting his moneys worth, until he'd trimmed my mound. He moved between my legs, I could feel his hands shaking and sat up to watch. The scissors nipped my skin, not cutting me but enough for Jane to take the scissors and expertly trim the rest while he took the opportunity to put his fingers in my pussy. Jane wetted my remaining pussy hair then offered him the can to spread foam on my pussy. He spent what seemed like ages, spreading it, working it in, down between my legs, fingers in my cunt again, rubbing my clitoris. I felt my body respond, and gave a quiet moan. He stopped and picked up the razor, Jane's fingers pulling my skin taut, watching and advising, him as he slowly drew it across my skin, removing a strip of hair with two or three strokes. With each stroke more of my pubes disappeared until my mound was completely smooth. Jane's fingers protected my clit, taking the opportunity to gently rub it. He shaved either side of my hole as she pulled my labia tight while he shaved the creases and folds around my cunt. Finally she told me to turn over and hold my buttocks apart while they shaved around my bum hole removing the last bits of hair. Finished, I turned back over and lay with my legs open as she wiped me with a towel and gave the guy a tube of soothing lotion to spread over my pussy. He took his time, rubbing the cooling cream in, as I sat up admiring my new smooth look, letting him slip a couple of fingers in my pussy until Jane told him to stop, it was time to move on.

Jane invited them all to have a feel, I must have tensed and she got down next to me, telling me just to relax, her hand resting on my stomach, another mans hands feeling my smooth pussy, someone elses fingers exploring my gaping cunt, a slippery finger even being pushed in my bum. I felt such a slut, guiltily enjoying what was happening. My view was blocked though when she lowered her head to my tits, taking a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, moving her hand from my stomach, to fondle and tease my other nipple. She must have felt me moving, lifting my pussy against the fingers probing my cunt and got up leaving me with the six guys, some fingering me, touching me two of them moving in, to take her place sucking my erect nipples. I knew one thing, I didn't want them to stop, my clit felt like it was on fire, heat spreading out. My cunt, five, six fingers inside me, finger fucking me hard, a finger or thumb up my arse. I thrust back against their hands, a long sigh from me, I was getting close to cumming. Jane reappeared, holding a fat vibrator told the men to move back and watch me bring myself off with it. As she handed it to me I noticed she'd attached a dildo to the straps between her legs. I held the vibrator against my clit, rubbed it along my slippery hole slowly sliding it inside. I began to fuck myself, now almost oblivious to the fact that I was being watched masturbating by a group of men, who I’d never met before, didn't even know their names. My eyes kept being drawn back to the dildo, Jane’s hand on it moving like a bloke wanking. From the corner of my eye I could see the men undressing, a couple already naked and stroking their cocks. My attention though was on Jane, I wanted her to fuck me.

She could see that my eyes were riveted on what I was between her legs, that I was struggling to concentrate on wanking. A smile flitted across her face, a smile of triumph I suppose, recognising my wanton display and willingness to to perform sex acts on myself as what it was, my total surrender to her will. She didn't bother to ask me, just calling out “Do you want me to fuck Emma?” They did, she got beside me and taking hold of the vibrator slowly withdrew it from my cunt, raising it to her mouth, sucking it, whilst ensuring they could all see my gaping hole, now unobscured my hair. She started kissing me, on the lips I responded, opening my mouth for her tongue. She moved down, kissing my neck, my tits placing little kisses around the nipples before sucking them. She moved down, below the Basque, kissing and licking my smooth mound, my clitoris. I felt her tongue licking my pussy, god it felt wonderful, better than any man, her soft smooth skin, her tongue knowing exactly what another woman wants how to arouse her. I felt my pussy gush juices, she lapped them, sucked them from me, bringing me to climax. I think I screamed as I came in waves. Some called out “She's loving it. Fuck her Jane” I felt weak, I couldn't have resisted even if I'd wanted to.

I felt hands turning me over, my hips being held and lifted, Jane pulling me towards the dildo. The men crowded closer, the tip of the dildo penetrated my cunt, and I gasped, a long “Ahhhhhhh!” from my throat as she started to fuck me, the thickness stretching my hole, sliding in deep. Nine, ten inches it felt like it was nudging my cervix. Hands on my tits, playing with my nipples, I had never felt anything like it. I threw my head back, one of the men tried to push his cock in my mouth. I'd have willingly sucked it but Jane snapped at him to back off, he hadn't paid for that. Unlike a man who might cum quickly, she continued fucking me, I came two or three times, I heard her cum, the stimulation of it rubbing her clit. We were both close to climaxing again the men surrounding us all wanking, six lovely hard cocks. Jane started ramming me faster, grunting with each thrust. We were nearly there, Jane speaking between grunts, “Toss off you dirty fuckers” another thrust and grunt. “Cum on us. Soak us in spunk” I felt the first splash of spunk on my back as I came, followed by a couple more on my bum. I glanced over my shoulder, spunk was running down Jane’s face, dripping on to her tits, a string of it dangling from her nipple swinging until it fell on me. A jet of spunk hit me on the face and ran towards my mouth. I stuck my tongue out licking and swallowing. I felt the dildo slide from my cunt, Jane moving, her bending her mouth cleaning the cum from my body. I sat up, turning over and did the same for her, licking her face, tits, sucking her nipples drinking the spunk until we were both clean.

I wondered what was next, Jane removed the strap on discarding the harness and basque. I watched as she, sat back on the sofa, and opened her legs, her pussy smoothly shaven, her cunt wet and glistening with her juices. She lay caressing her body, fingering her cunt, looking from one guy to another as the all stood or sat stroking their pricks. “Whose going to be first then? Hurry up and get your cocks hard again, one of you must want to fuck me” She wasn't the only one who wanted a nice hard cock. I started to masturbate too, easily slipping four fingers in my pussy.

Lewis saw what I was doing and came over, “You're not involved in this part. They only get what they’ve paid for. You'd better go upstairs” Reluctantly I got to my feet, passing Jane she gave me a look which I can't really describe. Only later did I realise what it meant, this had been a sort of test, and they had decided beforehand how far to push me, all part of their plan. I went upstairs with Lewis, he helped me out of the Basque and boots. His cock was rock hard, he didn't stop me when I stroked it, then I begged him to fuck me. I couldn't go home without having been fucked by one man. He pulled me on top, and I rode him, grinding my cunt down on him, an added thrill for me being able to hear the sounds from downstairs as Jane was fucked. Lewis rolled me on my back, and wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me until we both came. He watched me dress then showed me out. I envied Jane as we passed, one guy fucking her, another with his cock in her mouth. He wouldn't let me stay and watch which only whetted my appetite for more, which of course was their intention

And there is more to tell if you want it.