Written by Emma

17 May 2011

Well, here goes. It's probably been fairly obvious since the beginning where this story was leading, it wouldn't be on here otherwise, but for me it hasn't always been an easy a journey. Reading what I've written so far in this story, I realise that some of it seems contradictory but what I'm trying to convey is the differing emotions pulling me one way then the other. The guilt, then desire, taking the easy, lazy or hard way out, dealing with the deceit. Then the realisation that I was being trained, going so far, if I did it, getting me to go further next time until ultimately I was prepared and willing to do almost anything. I now relish being a slut or whore and can't get enough cock in any of my holes, willingly having sex with men or women, I don't mind which but prefer men.

I was rather upset and frustrated, being sent home seeing Jane being pleasured and fucked by six blokes as I was shown out. Not even allowed to stay and watch, it wasn't as if it was going to corrupt me!!! I showered, aiming the pulsating stream of water at my clit, washing Lewis's spunk from my cunt before retiring to bed. Thinking about what I’d done and what might have happened, had they let me stay, I was soon masturbating having a couple of little orgasms before dropping off to sleep. They'd certainly whetted my appetite for more, at least until the morning.

By the next morning I was having second thoughts, my mind in turmoil, feeling guilty about what I'd done. I knew I'd been manipulated and vowed to myself not to do it again. My resolve began to crumble Monday lunchtime. I saw a pretty blouse and bought it, then realised that if I had to pay for the damaged car these were to sorts of treats I'd have to do with out for months. Was I prepared to go without things when the alternative was much easier? The days passed my resolve weakened more, and broke the night before Richard was due back. Jane phoned and told me they wanted to watch me masturbate again and they would be watching from their bedroom. Thirty minutes later I was laid on the bed, legs splayed wanking for them. The thing is I got a kick out of it. I'd enjoyed what had happened a few days earlier, particularly being fucked by Jane and Lewis no harm done, no going back.

Richard returned at the end of the week and as Jane predicted was delighted with my shaved pussy, going down on me, licking me out. He even fucked me twice one night just like when we first got married. He was home the following two weekends. I didn't think any thing happened over the road the first weekend. I saw Jane and Lewis going out, only learning a two weeks later they didn't restrict their activities to home. The second weekend I noticed some people arrive at their house on the Saturday night, all quite discreet, jealous at the thought of what was probably going on. With Richard home I started to have second thoughts again. I spoke to Jane twice, the second mentioning that I was having doubts about a repeat. “Pop over this afternoon for a chat” she told me.

I knew I shouldn't go but I did, arriving about 3.30. She made coffee then we went to the lounge. She started working on me immediately, what hadn't I enjoyed, didn't I like having sex with Lewis, pointing out that I'd practically begged him to fuck me. She put on the DVD Lewis had made that night. They now had two, both with my face visible, though I noticed it had been edited so no one else could be identified. Don't get me wrong, they never threatened to show it to Richard, though I suppose it was at the back of my mind that they could. Watching my pussy being shaved, being fingered then fucked by Jane, all the time she kept reminding me of my response, how many times I'd cum. I soon started to get wet. She kissed my neck, it felt nice, had I pushed her way it might have ended there and then, but I didn't. Instead I turned my head and we kissed, her hand on my leg, under my dress, me lifting my bum for her to remove my panties. The pleasure of feeling her fingers in my cunt. Undressing each other, kissing, licking, sucking, tasting the others cunt honey, bringing each other to climax.

We were on the sofa in a sixty nine when Lewis came in from work. He stood watching, then got his cock out wanking, he lifted my head from Jane’s cunt and pulled my mouth to his cock. Jane wriggled from under me and undressed Lewis before going and opening the vertical blinds slightly and looking out. She had a filthy grin on her face as she told Lewis to take me over to the window to fuck me. He bent me over a bean bag where I could see through the narrow gaps in the blinds. He entered me from behind, fucking me slowly, Jane sitting beside me, using one hand to frig my clit the other to play with her own. On the opposite drive was Richard, washing the car, oblivious to me being fucked only a few yards away, but I was to close to cumming to care. Had he looked up he wouldn't have been able to see us through the blinds but it added to my excitement. Lewis came in me, I wiped my pussy before quickly dressing, going across the road, talking to Richard, feeling Lewis's spunk, running from my cunt soaking my panties. Only later, after showering and while Richard was fucking me did I feel slightly guilty about it.

I met Jane the next day for lunch at a place close to both our offices. Occasionally lunching out, another reminder of the things I'd have to go with out if repaying the money. She mentioned how well she thought I had done, asking if I was ready to do it again. I started to say I wasn't sure if I could, but she cut me off, asking when Richard was going to be working away. I told her the next weekend. “You'll be coming over Saturday night then, reduce your debt a bit” she replied. It wasn't a question, more a statement. I didn't reply immediately, thinking about the alternative, trying to find the money each month.“Will it be the same same as last time” I asked. I'd masturbated in front of some blokes and laid back, legs spread while they touched and fingered me. Letting Jane fuck me with a dildo wasn't like real sex I'd decided. Doing it again wouldn't make much difference and I had rather enjoyed it, my pussy started to moisten, relishing the thought of doing it again. She gave a non-committal reply telling me I'd have to wait and see. “Seven o'clock again” I asked knowing I would be going.

The format was much the same, except now my pussy was shaved they couldn't do that again. This time though we put on a show, fucking each other with strap-ons. She then removed my harness, whispering in my ear what she was going to do next. She fucked me up the arse, inviting one guy to lick my pussy while I sucked one of the others cocks. I'd been allowed to participate more. Did I ever cum. This time I was allowed to stay and while Jane was repeatedly fucked by their “guests” Lewis took me twice while we watched. I spent the night with them being fucked by them both, going down on Jane and sucking spunk from her cunt. In the morning I complained that it wasn't fair that she was getting all the cock. A look passed between them, they knew, were certain, they'd ensnared me, as she promised that next time I might get more. From that point on I had no doubts. I wanted more and more and couldn't, didn't want to stop, repaying the money was a secondary issue which I no longer cared about.

From then on I spent time with them whenever I could, one or the other fucking me, not to often to make Richard suspicious, though he did comment how nice it was I got on with them so well with him being away. Several times they fucked me in front of the window, while he sat working on his laptop opposite. For some reason I got a real kick being able to see him while I had sex. They also fully introduced me to anal sex, first Jane using various dildos, getting my arse used to taking even quite thick ones before allowing Lewis to arse fuck me. I loved it, especially when they went further, Jane fucking my pussy while Lewis fucked my arse.

For one reason and another it was three weeks before I had the opportunity to be at one of their parties, this time away from their house. Two of the men from the first party had specifically asked for me. Jane didn't mess about and told me straight that they expected not only to watch me being fucked but to fuck me themselves. “Have they paid extra?” I asked. “Yes, more to pay what you owe for Lewis's car” I went over in the afternoon, we sat watching some porn before going to get ready. Showered and shaved our pussies, me dressing in sexy bra and panties, hold ups, fuck me heals and a short sheer dress. Jane wore less, just a leather harness, metal rings around her tits, narrow straps either side of her slit, boots, no panties, just a leather micro skirt. Wearing coats over the top for the journey, stopping to pick up Nick on the way. I hadn't met him before, but Jane had mentioned him, mainly his cock. What a hunk, mid twenties, about 6 foot, muscled and tanned, fair haired, absolutely gorgeous. He sat in the back with me, Jane in the front turned, “Show Emma your prick. She doesn't believe how big it is” He unzipped, pulling his trousers open, no underwear and pulled out the biggest cock I'd ever seen. No hair, shaved as smooth as me, a good 8 inches and thick a pair of heavy balls below. I hoped I was going to feel that inside my pussy or arse, preferably both, before the night was out and Jane wasn't going to be greedy. I could have fucked him there or at least sucked him off as we drove through the countryside. Unfortunately Jane told him to put it away before I could get my hands on it.

We arrived, an ordinary, quite large detached house, in an ordinary road in a ordinary town. I imagine the only thing that wouldn't be ordinary would be what was going to happen once the front door closed. The door was answered by the guy who had paid to shave my pussy. He took our coats, showing us into the lounge, about ten guys of various ages sitting or standing drinking. I was surprised to see a couple of women too, one being introduced as his wife. He'd told her all about what had happened and she said she was sorry to have missed it, but had been unable to go with him a such short notice. He fetched us drinks, Jane put her bag down, removed her skirt and sat on the sofa, legs open displaying her cunt. I realised she was starting already and wearing less then me had a head start. I slipped my dress off, removed my bra and quickly stepped out of my panties getting more naked than her. I didn't wait to be told to do anything and got down on the floor between her legs, pushed them wider apart. I began by kissing her inner thighs, licking and nibbling my way up to her pussy. I glanced up at her for approval, she smiled down at me spreading her legs further, inviting me to tongue her cunt. With my head between her legs I couldn't see what was going on, but could hear, the rustle of clothing being removed, people moving closer to watch, the gasp of one of the women. A quick look, the wife naked, fingering her pussy while a bloke sucked on her heavy swaying tits. I used my fingers either side of Jane's cunt pulling her sex open, sticking my tongue in tasting her sweet pussy juices. I pushed two fingers inside her, finger fucking, licking her clit determined to get off to a good start and make her cum. My efforts were rewarded, a gush of juices in my mouth, her hands on my head pulling me tight against her pussy as she came. One up to me as she lay there after.

She reached for her bag and took out one of her strap ons, I helped her with it before she sat back down, “Your turn you dirty slut” I climbed on top, she gripped the dildo, holding it steady, guiding it to my soaking hole, fucking me. Over her shoulder I could see Lewis, he was fucking the other woman, she looked close to fifty, a bit on the plump side, and plain looking. She was getting her moneys worth as he fucked her, giving her long hard stokes her tits shaking with each thrust as she screamed as if she hadn't been fucked for months. I bounced up and down on the dildo, a lovely filled feeling in my pussy, little lumps on the base rubbing my clitoris. A couple of men got other side of us we turned our heads both taking a cock in our mouths, sucking and fucking. I could feel the cock in my mouth twitching he hadn't lasted long and shot his load in my mouth. I held it as he moved away then dribbled it onto Jane’s tits, rubbing it in to her skin, riding the strap on, close to cumming. The wife was laid over a table, a couple of men taking care of her, she began to cry out she was cumming about the same time as me. Using my fingers I brought myself off then lifted off the dildo, looking around for someone with a hard cock to fuck me

The host was standing nearby wanking, a good hard erection, patiently waiting, obviously wanting to fuck me. Jane already had company, being helped out of the strap on, harness removed, kneeling on the sofa, fingers holding her cunt open, ready to be mounted from behind. I could see Nick watching, tube of lube in one hand, cock in the other, fully hard, veins standing out as he massaged lube all over his prick. I was already riding the host, his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy, keeping him from cumming by just grinding myself against him. I waved Nick over and told him I wanted his cock in my arse, get him before Jane had a chance. Lewis had arse fucked me several times and Jane with her dildos, but Nicks cock looked bigger that either. I wanted to feel him in my arse and the cock in my pussy. I laid forward, giving him access to my bum, keeping totally still as he worked his fingers in my bum, adding lube, two then three fingers in my bum hole. He dropped the tube, then both hands spread my buttocks, two fingers from each hand sliding in my bum, hooking them inside. He prised my arse hole open, pushing his fingers in further, breaking through the resistance of the sphincter, stretching my anus ready to take his huge cock. He slid his prick between his fingers, pushing his shaft in whilst slowly pulling his fingers out. I groaned loudly when his fingers were removed, 3 or 4 inches of his cock in my arse. I started to move, on the cock in my pussy, pushing back to take more in my bum. I felt more slide in, my arse stretched tight around his hot throbbing cock, god it was big. “Ohhhh yes do me, I want it all” I muttered. He pushed harder, I tried to relax, then felt him slide smoothly inside, his balls resting on the other cock, touching my cunt. I supported myself on my elbows, telling them both to fuck me. He started pumping in and out of my arse, fucking me steadily, the cock on my pussy, not able to move so freely but fucking me nicely. I was so engrossed in the fantastic sensations spreading from between my legs, I hardly noticed we were being watched closely by most of the others. Jane was still being fucked and to busy. The other two women were being licked out, spunk being sucked from their cunts, but were both watching me, ignoring two other men trying to push their cocks in their mouths. I felt the host ejaculate in my pussy, his prick softening and slipping out but Nick was still fucking me. I managed to get my fingers on my clit and rubbed frantically, then orgasmed, continuing to frig, pushing my fingers in my hole feeling spunk running out, purring almost like a cat, as Nick finally slowed down then stopped, his cock deep inside me, pulsating as he came in my arse. He withdrew and I rolled onto my back before he helped me up and we went to one of the bathrooms to clean ourselves up.

I was fucked by maybe half the men their, certainly not all of them and licked the hosts wife's pussy for her after Nick fucked her, both hosts getting their moneys worth I suppose. Jane fucked the other woman with a large dildo while the woman sucked one of the men who I think was her husband. On the way home I invited myself to spend the rest of the night with Nick and he fucked me, this time in my pussy before we slept. We spent most of the next day and night fucking and sucking and it wasn't until about 5am on the Monday morning that her eventually dropped me at home. I have long since paid off my debt, though that was never mentioned after and when I have been with Jane and Lewis, usually at least once a month I've received a share of the money instead. If Richard is away, Nick I see more frequently, just the two of us fucking ourselves senseless.

That's about it for now, I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks to those of you who posted such encouraging comments and I promise that if anything happens in future you'll be the first to hear. That reminds me next weekend, I’m going with just Lewis, the dreaded time of the month for Jane, so I'm virtually guaranteed to get gangbanged with a bit of luck. So maybe next week another story.

Bye for now,

Emma xxxxxxxxx