Written by databoy

2 Dec 2016

I have been trying to get my wife Debra to play for a long long time and like many on here can relate to she has always refused and calls me a perv and dont be so stupid. We have been married now for 29 years and in the last 10 years sex is good when it happens so i wanted to spice things up a little and have a 3 sum or more sum and feel it would be a good thing in our lives right now as we are both 54 years of age. I know that my wife Debra would enjoy it as when we do have sex she can be really dirty when she wants to be and we role play sometimes that she is being fucked by someone else when i push a dildo in her and she really starts to moan then.

Anyway we were out last week with a group of people and some of Debs workmates came into the pub and one particular guy Paul came over and spoke to her and she introduced him to me. He was a nice guy about 45 years old and we got chatting and exchanged a few rounds of drinks etc as you do. He was telling us about how he had argued with his partner and was sick of the sight of her and was thinking about ditching her. Obviously this was the drink talking but i thought i would try and take advantage of this and said "look Paul why don't you crash down at our house tonight and it will all seem okay in the morning and it will give her the chance to miss you". He agreed it was a good idea and so did Debra but my thoughts were of hatching a plan to suit me and see if it worked. We continued through the night chatting and drinking and when we were about to leave and get the taxi i pulled Debra to one side and said " be nice if we had that 3 sum tonight" and said it half jokingly to which she replied " i am not sure about this, I have told you before". ell not being sure is not a full blown no in my book and we got in the taxi and went home and arrived 10 mins later and we all went into the house. I arranged some drinks and we all sat down chatting about this and that and then as usual it got around to sex etc as all chats do.

We were speaking about relationships and other things we had done and i brought up the 3 sum subject to which Paul relied " never done that but it is always something i have wanted to try" and looked at me. I replied " don't look at me mate I have been asking her for an eternity to do this but she refuses so its her you need to ask". So he asked Debra who by now had drank more than her limit so was a bit tipsy and she just plainly answered " yes okay then lets do it". Fuck me i thought now its happening where do we start but i no need to have worried Paul was over to Debra like a shot and kissing her full on the lips and feeling her tits through her blouse. She had responded and was kissing him and rubbing the front of his trousers and then she looked over at me and i just nodded my approval and she opened Paul's trousers and released his now bone hard cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and slowly wanked him. He pulled at her blouse and finally removed it followed by her bra and her 36"DD breasts were hanging down and he cupped one in his hand and sucked on the nipple. Debra was now wanking his cock faster and faster and i was now sat watching all of this happen and had stripped naked with cock in hand. Paul also stripped and removed the rest of Debs clothing and they moved to the sofa where Deb sat astride him and began to rock back and forth on his cock. I got up and went across to them and offered Debra my cock and she took this in her mouth and began to suck slowly and lick around the top of my bell end.

She was now riding Pauls cock hard and fast and her bobbing up and down made her tits move which i love to see. Paul was keeping in rhythm with her and then all of a sudden he let out a groan and said he was cumming. Debra encouraged him by shouting "fuck me hard " and "it feels so good" and at that Paul held her hips tight and shot his full load into Debs pussy. This was all too much for me and i pulled out of Debs mouth and i then unleashed a jet of cum shooting over her breasts and neck area.

We finished and Debra climbed off Paul and she kissed us both and said "i am going upstairs now" and "yes Martin you were right this is good and i did enjoy it" and she went up the stairs and winked as she did which meant follow me if you want more. Well me and Paul almost fell over ourselves following her into the bedroom where the fun continued which is for another time!