Written by Alex1986

4 Nov 2014

I've been to this cinema before it can be very hit or miss any way I paid into the cinema there was 8' people in there including a black man laying on the stage openly wanking and taking photos of the action on the screen .

The movie was quiet good but there was no extra spice in the cinema so after 30mins or so I paid my money and chanced my arm in the Ram room upstairs , it was darkish inside but maybe 3 or 4 people cruising around the rooms, I found a tv quiet area I sat down to watch the gay movie and to see what if anything was going to happen .

After a few mins a middle aged guy came in and sat opposite me after once he got settled in there was plenty of cock rubbing and twitching , I took the lead and thought fuck it and undid my jeans and got my cock out and then started wanking with the odd glance at my wanking buddy.

It worked and he followed suit and got his very impressive cock out , bigger and thicker than mine.

I gestured to him to sit next to me , he made his way over to me and I was looking forward to getting his cock in my mouth but he wanted to suck me , he knelt down and lowered his head to my cock and then he took my cock in his mouth and gently he sucked and licked me .

By the moans he was enjoying it and I can't lie I was in cock sucking heaven , then out of the corner of my eye I could see another guy watching us and he had his cock out I didnt want to miss out on the action I asked him to come close and I took him into my mouth , he was a good size and he put his hand on my head and then he started thrusting into my mouth ......God it was good.

But before we got into a rhythm the guy I was sucking said he was going to cum , his first cum spurt hit my cheek and the next on my T shirt.

He said thanks and then left this set me off and I told my sucker I was going to blow but he carried on sucking and with 3 spurts my balls were emptied and he never spilt a drop.

I wanted his big dick in my mouth but he wanted to wank off and with a grunt or two he surged onto the floor.

So it was a good time had by all , empty balls all round and my spunk was swallowed mmmmmm

I can't wait for a return maybe next time I can suck a black man or some CD indie fun.