Written by Essex boy

12 Jan 2009

I consider myself very lucky that my job takes me to many of the worlds exotic places, such as Rio, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. Recently I have made several trips to Perth in Western Australia. The following is an account of what happened one evening.

I had been booked into the Sheraton Hotel overlooking the Swan river in downtown Perth.

After four days work at a local company I had decided to stay on a do a little sightseeing for a few days. The company kindly allowed me stay at the Sheraton for the extra days at their expense. On the final Friday evening I was taken out to dinner in Northbridge by a few of the executives, after dinner they were going to hit some of the local bars but I decided to return to my hotel for an early night.

I went to the lobby bar for a nightcap and ordered a gin and tonic, There were two very attractive blond women sitting at the bar. I guessed that they were both in their mid twenties. Both were slim with good figuresdressed in black, one had long hair while the other had short hair brushed back. Both looked towards me and said Hi. At first I thought they might be hookers.

A few minutes later a mobile phone rang and the long haired woman answered. She seemed to get a little agitated and said goodnight to the other before leaving the hotel. I asked if everything was alright and was told that her baby sitter had called to say that her daughter was feeling unwell.

The one that was left shrugged her shoulders and said that was the end of her evening. I asked if she would care to join me for a drink before leaving. She agreed and we moved to a vacant table. She introduced herself as Zoe and she worked on the local newspaper, the West Australian though she was hoping soon to move to Sydney. We sat and chatted about my wife and daughters my job and hers and about various place we had both visited. She had been to South America and East Africa and was planning to tour Europe in a few years time. We got along very well together but about 11pm she said that it was time for her to go home. I walked her to the lobby door and asked the doorman to get her a taxi. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered to me that she had a rule never to fuck married men. I was a little shocked but laughed and said that I was sorry too. I turned and walked to the hotel lifts.

I pressed the button to call the lift and as I waited I heard footsteps behind me, then a hand touched my arm, I turned to find Zoe next to me. She said that actually her rule was never to fuck Australian married men and pulled me into the opening lift.

We left at the ninth floor and I opened my door with the plastic key and stepped inside. I had been allocated a small suite with a large living room with a sofa, table, large screen TV and mini bar. Next to it was another large room with a huge double bed and a bathroom with a spa bath.

Zoe was impressed with the spa and asked if she could use it. Of course I agreed and she started to run the water, I went to the mini bar and took out a bottle of sparking white wine and poured a glass each. I went into the bathroom and saw that Zoe was in the spa and handed her the glass. The foam in the bath was up to her neck. She said that there was plenty of room for the two of us and that I should join her.

I took my clothes off in the bedroom and walked naked into the spa and sat down in the hot water. She sat up a little to make more room for me which caused her breasts to appear above the soap suds. Her breasts were quite a bit larger than I expected with large pink nipples. She took a sip of her wine then picked up a bar of soap and started to wash herself. She asked if I could do her back and raised herself up and turned around so she could sit between my open legs.

I rubbed the soap over her back and then reached around her and took her tits in my hands, she leant back against my chest, I moved my hands down over her stomach and felt that she had a small patch of coarse hair above her cunt. I half expected her to be clean shaven.

I gently parted her pussy lips and ran the tips of my fingers over her clit then slipped my middle finger into her. She reached one hand behind her back and searched for my cock. I had been erect from the moment I sat in the spa and soon felt her wrap her fist around me and slowly start to wank me. She lifted herself up and she positioned me at the entrance to her pussy then lowered onto me. She was very tight!

She moved very gently on me, all the time I continued to stroke her clit with my fingers.

I said that we would be much more comfortable in the bedroom and she agreed, she stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her and put on one of the white gowns that were hanging behind the door, she handed the other to me. I dried myself and joined her in the bedroom.

Zoe was sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulled me towards her and undid the belt of my robe, I let the robe slide off my shoulders and drop to the floor. Zoe took hold of my cock and pulled me towards her lips, she swirled her tongue over the helmet before she drew me into her mouth. She moved her head taking me deep into her throat. I reached down and pulled her robe open and pushed the towel down away from her tits. She pushed herself up to the head of the bed pulling me with her. I staddled her chest almost sitting on her tits as she continued giving me probably the best blowjob I had ever had.

Something made me look to the right through the open curtains, I saw that the light was on in a room of the Novotel on the opposite side of the road. A middle aged couple were watching us. They were both dressed formaly, he was in a dark suit with a bow tie and his partner had a long blue evening dress. I could see that her arm was moving and saw that she was wanking her partners erect cock.

I told Zoe that we had an audience and she seemed to be quite excited by the thought.

I looked across again and saw that the woman was now on her knees with his prick in her mouth as I watched her partner withdrew and jetted a stream of spunk onto the window glass. With that they both turned away and a few seconds later the room light went out.

I told Zoe that I wanted to taste her and moved down her body, kissing her breasts and running my tongue along her belly before thrusting it into her wet cunt. I was on my knees at the foot of the bed, she raised both her knees slightly so that I had full access to her pussy. I saw her lower her hands and she started to vigorously rub her clit with her finger tips. I pushed two of my fingers into her and pulled back and watched her fingers getting wetter as she worked on herself. She arched her back and I felt her shuddering as she came. My fingers were covered in her juices.

She asked me to lay on my back and then she sat on my cock with her back to me. She moved back and forth and I watched my cock slide into her as she fucked me. There was a mirror on the wall opposite the bed and I could watch her great breasts swinging as she moved.

I told her that was close to coming and she asked me if I minded wanking myself as she loved to watch a man wank. She got off me and sat alongside me as I reached for my cock. My cock was soaking as I took hold of it, I wrapped my fist around the shaft and started to pump on it. I noticed that Zoe had pushed her own fingers into herself again. I began to speed up the movements on my prick until I erupted and spurted several large jets of semen onto my belly and as far as my chest. Zoe dipped her fingers into the pools of semen and then sucked them clean. I lay there exhasted, Zoe went to the bathroom and returned with a damp cloth and wiped me clean.

We both got under the sheets and slept until the morning. Zoe woke me by taking my prick into her mouth once again before she pulled me over onto her and I fucked her slowly. We took a shower together, then she said that she had to go home to change but would return in a hour. She suggested that we went to Fremantle and take a whale and dolphin watching tour.

She returned on time and we called for a taxi, just before the taxi arrived a woman crossed over the road and approached us, she smiled and whispered that we had improved her sex life the previous night, it was then that we realised that she was part of the couple opposite in the Novotel.

Zoe and I had a very enjoyable ocean trip before returning to the Sheraton for dinner then another few hours of fucking.

I hope to return to Perth in a few month, Zoe has left me with her number....