Written by Ted

12 May 2008

I’m a keen amateur photographer, in my mid fifties, married. My wife is very friendly with a woman, K who is just turned 40, and divorced.

K is a very well built woman, a little over 5ft 8 and with good curves. Her tits as I later found out are a very voluptuous 40 D.

For some time, K has been corresponding on the net with a bloke oversees, working in some godforsaken hole in southern Russia. She’d sent him a couple of photos of herself and he’d cheekily asked if she had anything a little racier.

That was when she approached me and asked if I could take some photos of her in underwear. At first I thought it was a wind up, but she persuaded me that it was a genuine request and I agreed only if she didn’t mention any of this to my wife.

I called round and spent a couple of hours clicking away, with her in basques, stockings, thongs, little bras, just barely enough to restrain her beautiful tits, in fact, one of them fell out at one point and I got a wonderful shot of this one tit, then some of her in see through wraps, completely naked underneath, but on inspection, you could make out her nakedness. I had a hard on all the two hours and when I got home, downloaded her photos to my own PC and had the most marvellous wanks I’ve had.

K sent off the photos to her man friend.

About 2 weeks later, she approached me again and told me he was thrilled with the photos and had pleaded with her to send him some special ones. He could tell she was naked under the wraps and implored her to send some ones of her naked. In the end, she had relented and made a date with me to visit her to take them.

I arrived with a lump in my throat and a bigger on in my pants. I suggested to K that she have a drink to steady her and told her that I’d already seen much of her anyway..

I suggested that I begin with her getting undressed and then I would pose her in various positions on the bed when she was naked.

I took ones of her in innocent poses, then not so innocent shots. I told her to lie and look abandoned, she did but it didn’t quite carry because her nipples weren’t up, I asked her if she had any ice in the freezer but she told me no so I told her I was going to raise her nipples “manually” and so I started to fondle her breasts, they felt so soft and heavy. I then tweaked her nipples then sucked at them and licked them until they stood proud, a good half inch. After shots of her tits, I focused in on her whole body with her legs parted, her lovely brown bush and gash showing. I took some more like that and then positioned her legs to show her cunt opening.

I explained to her again, that I needed to make some adjustments to her and that the photos would be better if she was wet. She reluctantly agreed so I teased the hairs away her cunt and slit, then found her clit and slowly stroked it with my finger. K now began to sigh and get into the part, her juices began to flow and she slithered about on the bed as I played with her clit, and took shots. I took close ups of her opening, I spread her legs in the most obscene manner at one point I got some fantastic shots of her fanny juices running down the crack of her bum.

I continued rubbing her clit and opening her lips, K was breathing heavily and writhing about on the bed, and then I asked how special did she want the photos.

She told me to just do what I needed to do.

I dropped my pants, she still had her eyes shut, I got between her legs and inserted my cockhead just inside her, then in one push, slid in all the way.

K opened her eyes and asked what I was doing, making it special, you’ll see. K just lay back as I fucked her lovely body. Of course by now, she was enjoying the sex and fucked back to meet my every thrust,

She came very loudly as I emptied my balls into her. I lay there panting, just having enjoyed the best fuck in ages.

I got up and told her to lay there with her legs just as they were. Now the very special photos. At first a tiny trickle of com ran from her then more and more till the bed blow her bum was a wet patch of cum. I took long shots, close ups, absolutely fantastic.

I told her that that fuck was just business, for the special effect but I’d like to do it again for pleasure.

K simply looked up without moving and smiled and said yes, so we stayed in bed the rest of the afternoon.

That was about six months ago, and since then, I persuaded her to let me bring some old mates around and take some really hardcore stuff, and so once a week, an old mate who isn’t getting any, has the pleasure of K while I click away, but for two other days a week, I have the pleasure of K myself.

Oh and she didn’t send the first nude pics to her friend either, she has no need of internet friends and me and my pals keep her fully employed and happy.