Written by Genuine Photographer

30 Aug 2015

I'm coming into my mid 60's and I do enjoy life, as we all know it is soon taken away from you sometimes without warning.

I have been doing photography for around 40 years as a hobby more than anything, covering mainly landscapes and I have covered a few weddings for friends which can be fun, but about 6 years ago I decided I would like to start shooting females something completely different to what I had been doing but would also be enjoyable, so I joined a couple of model sites but had no luck as all the models were seeking far to much to get there kit off and I couldn't justify paying that, I didn't mind paying a few pounds but not silly money.

So I was back to square one wondering how to start, so I decided to make some attractive adverts and display them in local shop windows in and around Bucks where I lived to see the results, to my amazement I was surprised how many normal housewife's fancied trying a photo-shoot, I had a phone call one day from a guy called Terry asking if I would take some of his wife, now normally in the past guys ring up asking you some very weird questions about your shoots I'm sure most sit there wanking whilst they talk to you.

Anyway Terry was different he asked if I would meet him for a chat beforehand which I did, he explained his wife Sue was very nervous about having the shoot as she had never done it before but was up for it as she wanted some good photos, so we arranged a date and time and I went to the house and met Terry and Sue, I left all my gear in the car encase Sue changed her mind, but after a little chat I went back and got my gear out at this point Terry said I will leave you to it and went, to be honest this is how I like to work nothing more frustrating than having someone watch you shoot their wife or girlfriend I've had a couple of bad experiences like that.

So Sue sat in just a dressing gown and as we chatted it fell open to show her lovely body just as if it was the most natural thing to do, she was slim around 50 I would say but attractive with nice boobs and lovely nipples, anyway we sat chatting about Sue and what she had done just to break the ice as she had never done anything like this before, eventually we start shooting she put some clothes on and we took some like this then a few topless ones and then nude, she had the most smooth pussy I have ever seen not a sign of a hair insight, we carried on shooting then I suggested a few in the shower all soaped up, then some more in the bedroom in various positions telling her how to pose etc. Now I never touch my models as I always give 110% respect and that's how it should be and Sue appreciated this but also said if I needed to move her or position her for a shot it was fine but I had no need to, I know a lot of guys would have jumped at the idea but I didn't feel the need.

After we finished Sue sat in her dressing gown we chatted for a bit and then I left telling her I would email some photos to her, after receiving a few she told me Terry liked them but they weren't sexy enough and could we do a re-shoot asap, so I agreed to go back the following week to do the shoot, now Sue was nice with a sexy appeal about her, but I was there to do a shoot no more, so we started talking of what Terry wanted it turns out he wanted toys in the shot and some spanking shots, so as it was only Sue and I there I suppose I will have to do the spanking shots, so we were shooting away with Sue and her toys she was groaning away and really enjoying the attention I was giving saying how sexy she was and put it in that way or this and push it up further, she then stopped and said I want the spanking shots now, so I nervously placed the camera on the tri-pod set the angle got the remote and handed it to Sue telling her what to do and when to press, and she laid across my lap and I started spanking her bottom, not hard but she told me to do it harder which I did and she opened her legs slightly so as I spanked my finger slid down between her legs, by this time I had a hard on, now I'm not the biggest guy in that department so I wont tell lies, but she felt my cock pushing against her so with that she moved of my lap told me to stand up she then undone my trousers and got my cock out and gave me the best blow job I have ever had, she told me that was my reward for doing the shots Terry had wanted in the shoot and getting some great shots, after she had sucked me dry we carried on shooting as nothing had happened, I have had the pleasure of shooting Sue on a number of occasions and depending on the style of shoot I sometimes get a reward and sometimes I don't, I never ask or expect it just happens if she is in the mood.

When I spoke to Terry he said I understand you enjoyed your reward, I was a little embarrassed to think Sue had told him what she had done, but it turns out Terry had suggested it to Sue and as she felt comfortable in my company she agreed to do it, as I said at the beginning I always give 110% respect to my models and would never touch or suggest but this lady knew what she wanted to do and who was I to refuse, unfortunately I moved away from the area a few months ago to live in Cornwall so I no longer see Sue or Terry but who knows another Sue may come along