Written by Photobazza

26 Mar 2011

I have written on here before about how photographing some ladies can be fun, things happen in life that you don’t really expect and it is really nice when it does.

I have been shooting for many years as a semi-pro and trust me offers don’t come easy if guys say they do then I think they maybe lying, I received an email from a young lady of 27 called Emma saying it was going to be her husbands birthday soon and she maybe interested in having some sexy photos taken, so I mailed back very politely as always and run past her the style of photos I do which is any really from clothed to nude or more if required, she replied and told me she would contact me, now this job is good, but trust me you do get loads of timewasters and everyone is under suspicion until we speak and a date and time is set.

Well about two weeks went by and nothing from Emma so I’m thinking oh well another timewaster when all of a sudden a email arrives full of apology for not responding sooner, but are you still interested in shooting me, so I responded yes and could you please forward a photo, about an hour later the photo arrived, not bad looking I suppose and she looked as if she had a nice body what I could see of it, a couple more email exchanges a quick chat and the time and date was set for the following week.

I arrived at this normal looking semi-detached house nothing special garden could do with a little TLC but it wasn’t bad, as I rang the bell the door opened and I was greeted by Emma, slightly better than anticipated, long dark hair she already had make up on and dressed in jeans and a sweater and looking a little nervous, come in she said lets go to the kitchen, which we did had a cup of coffee and a chat and she lightened up, then as it was a nice day I suggested we take some shots outside, I took about 50 various clothed shots, and Emma was now relaxing, so we moved indoors, as we did she lifted her top off and said can you shoot some in the kitchen like this, of course I can, now she wasn’t as busty as I hoped but her nipples were to die for and my eyes were transfixed on them, they were probably around 2cm long, we shot a load in the kitchen and Emma peeled of to nothing and I just kept shooting and thinking about those nipples.

We eventually went upstairs to the bedroom and shot around a 100 in her room in a variation of poses and with her toys, now I don’t normally suffer with erection problems on these shoots the old chap normally behaves, but today he was not going to and was bursting to be set free, now as far as I’m concerned I am their for one thing only to shot and get the photos Emma wants and no more, but those nipples along with her posing was something else, we finished up with me taking some very sexy shower shots which are always very erotic to cover, and of course Emma was soaping and those nipples looked even bigger, she could see I was again transfixed on her nipples but she could not see what my cock was like as I always make sure I wear something long just in case, I don’t like embarrassing moments, all of a sudden she said I keep seeing you looking at my nipples would you like to soap my breast for me, bloody hell I nearly dropped the camera I stumbled over my words and said in a voice that I didn’t know I had yes I would, well she said you had better do it for me, but you must do it in the shower with me naked, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, well come on then hurry up.

I striped naked and my cock was as stiff as it has ever been I’m not that well endowed to be honest but I always say it’s what you got and how you use it, she said I thought you were enjoying me now I can see you was, I want you to stand behind me and push your cock into my backside whilst you massage my tits and nipples for me, I thought my Birthday and Christmas had all come at once, so I did as she asked after a bout five minutes she turned round and started kissing me then whispered please fuck me here and now, who was I to deny a lady her pleasure, we had a really enjoyable fuck in the shower and then she asked if we could do it again in her bedroom doggy fashion as this was her favourite position, she said when you bring my photos back bring your camera you never know it may be worth it !!!!!

I’m taking the photos next week, watch this space.