Written by Photobazza

5 Apr 2011

Emma is so sexy !!!!

Well it was Monday morning I woke up thinking today is the day for Emma’s photos to go back, now believe or not I was more nervous about returning her photos than I ever was taking them I found that a little strange, I suppose it was in case she didn’t like this shot or that shot but it had to be done and I thought they actually all turned out good.

Now thinking about our last meet and how exciting it was and also remembering her parting words, don’t forget to bring your camera again, how could I forget after the shoot we had, I must have viewed those shower shots a 100 times, had they been printed out I think they would be worn out, I caught those lovely long nipples just right with a perfect shadow of them on the wall, they were very sexy photos I couldn’t see how she could not like those ones, my cock stirred every time I viewed them, they were just so sexy, I had already emailed her two or three photos to view which she said she liked.

I set of around 10 to go and meet Emma at her house, as I arrived I could see her standing in the window as if she were looking out for me, I approached the door and before I had chance to ring the bell it opened, she gave me a kiss and a huge come in she said we both went inside, she said she had been waiting for this moment all week and what did I think of them, I told her I think they look great but she must decide on what she feels about them, lets have a coffee and we can look at them on the computer, we plugged in the memory stick and set it on play and sat back to view them, Emma kept going oh I like that or that’s a great shot and so on, she said she was really glad we had met for the shoot and she would be more than happy to do it all again as she found me easy to get along with, then all of a sudden the shower shots appeared on screen wow she went I love those oh look at that one they are very, very erotic she said, in fact if I’m honest it’s making me feel excited just like on the day we shot them, have you brought your camera with you, yes you asked me to, well can we do some more in the shower, yes if you like !!! well who am I to say no ?

I fetched the camera from the car and we went upstairs, I was thinking god this girl is so sexy and as she peeled of those nipples were all ready erect and beautiful they seemed bigger and better than the first time round, she said I have a surprise for you, now I don’t like surprises not when I’m shooting I have had some nasty ones in the past, but as luck would have it Emma’s was a very pleasant one she had purchased some really good soap that foamed up really well, which made her body look fantastic and suds dripping of her boobs and nipples, I couldn’t believe this was the same girl I had shot the week before this time she showed no nerves what so ever, if anything it was me that was still a little nervous, I just kept shooting away and must have taken around a 100 shots, she turned and said I have never been so turned on since these shower shots, but you did say they were fun I’m really glad you suggested them, I was thinking if she’s turned on what does she think it’s doing to me with such a sexy female in front of me, now as I said before you don’t get many females who want involvement when shooting I have shot well over 200 women and only ever had sex with two Emma and another one many years ago, but as I said before I’m not looking for sex I’m looking to capture the model, but if you get the offer with certain females it’s a bonus.

I said I knew you would enjoy the shoot most ladies do, they find it very sexy to display themselves for a complete stranger and of course you also have the added bonus of some nice photos, Emma said I know and they are nice Barry you have taken some really lovely ones, that is always my aim I replied, do you remember the last shoot in the shower, how could I forget I said, well I think as a big thank you for taking such a lovely set of photos would you like to do it all over again, I thought you would never ask !!!! I striped off and climbed in the shower as before behind Emma and soaping her sexy curves, the soap was a treat to rub over her nice firm breast and those massive nipples, again she turned around and kissed me then went down my body and started to suck my cock, that was different from last time, I was so afraid I was going to cum as I was really excited but I didn’t, we then made love in the shower this time Emma really went for it she was really turned on, it seemed to last for ever, then we washed each others body and went into the bedroom for another session, she was really on a high she said the shower and the photos had really made her feel so sexy, well I could see that by her love making, at the end we had another coffee and when I was leaving she said would you bring those new shots back next week, of course I will I said, maybe you would like to bring your camera again, ok I will I said, I left Emma standing at the door with a very cheeky smile on her face, maybe this will turn out to be a regular thing, well I hope so Emma has turned out to be so sexy especially when being shot.