Written by Steve o

3 Mar 2019

My name name is Steve just turned 40. Am married to Kris she’s 38. We have 3 kids all boys 15, 12 and our youngest is 8, and live in a middle class neighborhood.

About 6 months ago I turned 40, for my birthday we dropped the kids off at my parents house and went out for dinner when we got home my wife told me to go get into bed and she was going to give me my presents. she came into the bedroom with a wrapped box . She handed it to me with a huge smile on her face.

Let me describe my wife she is blonde, with big tits maybe large c or small D,, she is a little chubby but not really fat, do to having 3 kids, she has a nice curvey ass!!!! And her legs are thick but gorgeous.

As I open the box it was about 20 pictures of my wife posing in sexy outfits. Most of the pictures were of her in a push up bra which made her tits look huge and lace panties that made her ass look incredible..I asked her where she take those pictures taken she said a professional and don’t worry she said it was a lady photographer!!!

She asked me. If I liked the gift as she slowly stripped and we fucked all night. She was screaming since the kids weren’t home she was fucking like we did when we were dating.

Well about a week ago I get a box in the mail. Their was a letter and a dvd in the box . The letter said watch the dvd alone and don’t tell your wife til you watch the cd .and read the next page of the letter then... so after my wife put the kids to bed and she fell asleep and went down stairs to our tv and put the dvd in, then read the rest of the letter.

It said my name is terry am a college student and am 19, your wife contacted my about an ad on line about taking some sexy picture for her husband (you). She came to my house and i spent about 2 hours photographing her And the pictures she gave you were amazing, but it what happened after she posed for the pictures , sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, so I won’t, I’ll let you watch for yourself what a slut your wife the mother of your children truly is... start the dvd now!!!!

I was shocked and excited all at the same time. I hit play knowing my life would change forever. My wife was in a basement and standing in her bra and panties from the pictures. It was a very good quality video. I then heard his voice telling her how hot she was and that he could believe she had 3 kids.my wife was eating this teenagers flirting up!!! He asked her if she wanted to do some top less pictures for me and she told him no because she didn’t want the kids to find them someday. He told her how about we take some if you don’t like them or want them I’ll just delete them. My wife said no a few times, then this asshole kid said just one picture of you topless , my wife said ok just one picture, so my wife reached behind her and unhooked her bra and her big tits fell out . As he take pictures he told her how great and perfect her tits looked. My wife was really enjoying the attention. She then removed her panties to show a clean shaven pussy. He asked her if she would pose on a bed she was really turned on her nipples were rock hard . He put his camera down and fold out a bed. My wife got on it and started posing she was having the time of her life showing off for this kid!!! She the got on all fours and faced him . He asked her if she was enjoying herself, then my wife asked him if he was. He put his camera down walked over to the bed right in front of her, and slowly pulled his pants down and his huge cock spring up like a jack in the box, and he said see for yourself, my wife just stared at it . He slowly moved closer he put both hands on her head and without a word guide her to suck his cock, there was no licking just lust sucking!!! He smiled back at the camera as he rhythmically Slide his cock in and out of my wife’s mouth. After a little bit he said it’s your turn and he started licking my wife’s bald pussy I could see her wetness it was running out her pussy as he eat her out. She then started begging for him to fuck her, stick that cock in me now she screamed begging for it , He would take the tip and stick a little in at a time, this drove my wife crazy she was scream for him to stick it all the way in. He looked back again to the camera and rammed her. I’ll never forget his smiling face as he fucked her her legs wrapped around him and she was matching his thrusts and then told her he wanted to fuck her from behind he faced her towards the camera ( she didn’t know he was filming her) he was pounder her and it was a perfect shot of her face in sure on slut mode, he was grabbing her tits telling her how he loved her pussy. Then she started riding his cock I’ve never heard her scream and talk dirty like that, she told him he was the best fuck she ever had and that she was going to fuck him all the time. He just smiled the whole time as she told him she wanted him to cum in her mouth . He fuckec her. Missionary until he was ready to cum he quickly moved his cock to her mouth. He looked right into the cameras do sly smiled and unload a huge load into her mouth. Then there was a shot of him in front of the camera and he said he’s been fucking her for months now and he was going to send me videos every month of him fucking my wife... I can’t wait for more videos of my slut wife and I didn’t know this was the real gift !!!!