Written by JulieB

11 Nov 2010

This is a true story that happened last year. I am married and my husband chris has always talked about us having some professional photos done. We looked into it but the costs were so expensive, and on our small income we just couldnt justify the money. Anyway I was wondering what I could do for an anniversary pressie and I looked about online. All were quite expensive then I came across an ad in the local paper. Anyway I gave it a call and a guy explained that he was just starting up been going a few months and had a small studio nearby and why didnt i pop along for a look at his work. And to top it his fee was well less than a third others were charging. So I booked a time to go see him, however the day before he rang to say that he was free and I could maybe have a shoot done at same time. He said to bring a long a few outfits, make up etc. So on the day I pack a small case, chosse a few outfits.

When I got there it wasnt quite what I expected. It was baically the flat above a shop. He showed me in and went into the small kitchen area and offered me a cuppa. As we sat chatting over a coffee he showed me a couple of albums of his work. Must admit they werent bad. He then showed me to what he called his studio, which if it had been a flat was the master bedroom, then showed me to a smaller room which he said was where I could get ready. He then left me to it whilst he went to prepare for the shoot. I opened my case and decided that I would wear the red dress I had packed, it was long, with thin straps that also showed a fair amount of my cleavage. I also thought I would wear a strapless bra, lacey briefs and stockings and suspenders, all in matching red. As I undressed my clothes to get ready it suddenly dawned on me that here I was undressing in a room, with a total stranger in the next room. He could have walked in at anytime. I had just got my undies on and was about to slip the dress over my head when I heard a knock, ready he said. I was about to answer when the door opened, his head popped round and saw me in my undies. He apolgised and closed the door.

anyway I went next door into the studio, all was ready. He went about explaining the poses he wanted and went about taking loads of shoots of me in various positions. After a small break he suggested that I get on the sofa and lay back and do some shots. I laid back, but he didnt seem happy with how I was laid so he came over and started to reposition me. He suggested that I make them more seductive, and with that he slipped one of the straps of the dress down. A few shots later he came up slipped the dress up higher to show off my legs, or so he said. A few more shots later and he suggested that we have a break. Over coffee he suggested that we try a few shots without the dress. I was taken aback but he said all would be fine and to be honest I was now quite relaxed and enjoying it.

Coffee finished, he asked if i was ok, which I nooded then he said ok lets go then. With that I stood up, slipped off the straps of my dress and pulled it off. There I was stood in a room with a stranger in my undies again and to be honest I was really enjoying it. More shots and it seemed natural to do when he suggested taking my bra off. I hestitated but though heck why not, get my monies worth and guessing hubby would love the final pictures, so i unhooked the bra and threw it away in the corner. My breasts arent bad and by now my nipples were erect. Loads more shots and then I guess the obvious next, briefs off. I hestiated for some time now, one thing a guy seeing my breasts totally different seeing my pussy. he was coaxing me, saying its ok, just go as far as i felt happy with. So I thought in for a penny in for a pound and I slipped out of my by now damp briefs. Before long I was having photos taken in all sorts of positions ending in me laid on the sofa, legs wide apart showing off my pussy as if i didnt have a care in the world. He kept telling me how good i looked and then he said he needed a better position, he came over and started to reposition me. His crotch was close to me, and I just instictively placed my hand on his thigh. More to steady myself, or so I told myself. before I knew it i felt his warm breath on my nipples then his tongue lick the nipple. I shuddered and squeezed his thigh. He took my nipple deep into his mouth. It really felt good and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

He then steped back unzipped his fly and pulled out his hardening cock. That was it! I immediately knew what he wanted and took him into my mouth. Feeling the silky smooth cock end brusing over my tongue. Holding my head he gently fucked my mouth. He tasted lovely and he was the first man I had ever done anything like this to since I got enagaged several years earlier. After a few minutes he gently pushed me back onto the sofa, got between my thighs and gave me some real gentle licking. God the feel of his tongue gemtly licking my clit drove me crazy. It wasnt long till I felt the warmth in my belly signalling my orgasam, as I came on his tongue. After I stopped he got up, tugged down his jeans and removed his t shirt. he went over to his desk and opened the drawer. I watched his cock as it bobbed about in front of me as he walked back to me. Then I saw in his hand he had a condom. Ripping open the packet he proceeded to place it on his hard cock. Oh now, I knew what was coming next, I musnt, I am married and in love with my hubby, but i was also so horny. Next thing was he was between my legs, he pushed my stocking clad legs up in the air resting them against his body then I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy. Ok by now all i could think about was how much i needed fucking as he entered me. He fucked just as gentle as he gave oral. we swapped positions a few times before me ending up back on my back, legs over my shoulders as he hammered home. I was in heaven having yet another orgasam. Then he stiffened, moanded and I felt the condom filling with his sperm.

The next hour or so was spent sucking and fucking with him taking photos for his "personal collection". By the time I went home I had been fucked twice and swallowed his cum. I cant recall how many orgasams I had had but knew it was well over a dozen.

A few weeks later he called to say the pictures were ready. I sheepishly went to collect them, but when I did he was in the missle of a shoot. Blow me the cheeky sod, I caught a glimpse of the"model" and it was obvious i wasnt the only one who he had personal shoots with as there was a lass in her mid forties I guess, naked, and my the lok of her, been well and truly fucked.

I collected the pictures and must admit they were great and hubby loved them. He wants me to have more done so who know, may go and book another session and to be honest another good fucking session wouldnt go amiss :-)