Written by julieb

17 Jan 2011

I wrote in November about a real event that happened when I arranged to have some photos done for my hubby. Well, I thought that I would write and tell you about what happened just before Christmas.

I got an email from the photographer I had used last time asking if I would be interested in posing as a model for some students on a course he had been running. He explained that I would be paid £100 and I can also have copies of any of the photos taken if I wanted. I emailed back and said I would think about it and if he could tell me more. Anyway we excahnged a few more emails and he said that he would be supervising them all, and that they would be using a house that one of the students was able to get hold of, apparently he was an estate agent and knew several places empty and furnished. Well, I agreed after saying I needed more money and agreed upon £130.

I "arranged" with hubby that I would be going off to Bristol shopping, when reality was I would be going for the shoot. Hubby had a work so was away anyway and I guessed that I would be back well in time before he got home. I packed a bag, undies, basque, stockings etc and a few different outfits, skirts, dresses etc. I made my way to the address given. Well, I was greeted by my sexy photographer and he showed me into the lounge. It had already been set up with several tripods and cameras, lighting etc, all looked very professional. He said that the students were in the kitchen and I should go and meet them. In the kitchen were six others, one girl and five lads. We excahnged hellos and I was told to go upstairs and us ethe bathroom to get ready.

I chose to wear the basque and a lovely red dress for starters. I came back down and everyone looked at me and smiled and said they were ready and I was told just to go about things normally. Loads of clicking of shutters and various poses later Claire, the girl, asked if I would mind doing some shots in my underwear. I said its ok but all I have on is a basque or would she rather I get changed. She said it was fine as i was and anyway she already knew what i had on as she could seh from the posses earlier. She asked if I needed a hand and came over and help me tug the dress off.

Lots more poses and photos later and one of the lads asked if he could adust me, I nodded as by now i was horny as hell. He came over and next thing was he was fishing out my tits from the top of the basque. A couple of shots and claire said that it didnt look right and would I mind if she came and tried something. With that she came over, reached behind me, i felt an expert had undo the back of the basque and she then pulled down the garment exposing my breasts and belly. Loads more photos taken and by now I had been encouraged to remove the basque completely, posing naked, legs open, on my front, back etc. Claire asked if I minded if one of the guys joined me to pose. I said that they were paying me so if its what they wanted its fine. She loooked around and asked who wanted to join me, some red faces but one guy, Tony, agreed. He deftly stripped, and boy what a body! We posed together, lots of cuddling poses etc, then it moved on to some fake sex shots. The photographer then suggested he join us and help move the session on a bit. With that he came over, sucked my nipple and fingered my by now wet fanny. At last! I thought we were never going to get to this stage. Tony stood in front of me so I bent and licked his shaft whilst I felt a cock pushing between my bum cheeks and enter my wet fanny. With each thrust my mouth was forced deeper onto Tony's cock. I knew I would soon come, but I needed to. Just as I was about to come I felt the cock pull out of my fanny and I was told to lay on the carpet. I laied there legs open as I felt a cock enter me, as I was fucked hard. Tony was wanking his cock by my face, i felt myself come as the cock in me twitched and fired seed into me and Tony followed by coming over my tits and neck. As the cock withdrew I saw Claire getting down next to me, then OMG, she started to lick and suck my fanny eating the spunk ousing out of me. I had never had sex with a woman before but it felt good. Claire kept licking my clit and dipping her tongue into me, it was great. It wasnt long before I started to come again. I came to some senses, looked around and saw that everyone was either naked or almost naked. One of the guys sat on the sofa and asked me to come over, I straddled his cock and sank down fucking him whilst I greedily sucked another cock. Claired joined me on the sofa, straddling the photographer, as we both fucked cocks together, sucking cocks offered to us. Dont remember too much about rest of day except that they all fucked me that day, some twice, each coming in me. Before going home me and Claire had a shower together washing away the spunk we had received, before calapsing onto the bed and enjoying my first 69 with a girl.

Since then me and claire has met up again, at her flat, but no photos this time :-) I wopuld recommend any woman who has never had sex with another woman to give it a go. Best oral sex ever! But being fucked by six cocks takes some beating he he