Written by Ron

15 Feb 2010

My wife and I have had an open marrige for many years and I really get turned on by her sexy looks and dress.

We have on a number of occasions had nights out on the town at one of our local bars in Dallas where a lot of business men gather after work. On several occasions she would ask me to sit opposite her at the bar and watch as she enjoyed all the attention she would get from the guys in the bar. She usually dressed to kill with not much left to the imagination. Her short black skirt and skin tight sweaters were her favorite wardrobe.

We usually went out mid week to miss the local weekend crowd and meet out of town business men. This week Judy was really looking hot and I asked if she wanted me to sit back and watch her in action. Yes was her quick reply so off to the bar we went.

We took our seats across the bar and sure enough several guys approached her buying drinks and asking her to dance. Now for sure Judy could work at any strip club as her dancing was such a turn on that every guy that danced with her left the dance floor with a buldge in their pants.

Judy found one guy in his mid 30's to focus her attention on and it wasn't long before the other guys got the message that they had lost out for the night. They talked for a long while laughing and drinking one drink after another. Judy looked over at me and winked telling me that she was going to leave for a while and would meet me later.

They left the bar and she later told me that as he had a room in the hotel he wanted her to have a late night drink in his room. Judy told me that when they entered the room his hands were all over her about as fast as her hands were pulling his shirt up and rubbing his skin. As he lifted her up to put her on the bed Judy unzipped his pants and helped them fall to the floor. It didn't take long for her to drop her sweater and skirt. Judy said this guy wanted one thing and one thing only! He wanted her pussy and nothing else. judy said he was about 7 or 8 inches and thick. He asked if she wanted to fuck bareback or use a condom.

Given that she wasn't afraid of getting pg she said go for it. With that he pushed her back on the bed and began to rub his cock as she watched and slid her fingers in her pussy. In a few minutes he spread her legs and guided his cock in her now welcoming pussy. Judy said it was the best fuck she had had in a long time. Seems like he was indeed hungry for her pussy and was also able to keep it up for about 30 minutes before before he unloaded one of the biggest loads of cum she had ever seen. The more he shot, the more cum she was able to give him. She said she was glad she didn't have to sleep in his bed as it was soaked with cum.

After a few minutes she asked if she could clean up and wanted to make sure he had her phone number so the next time he comes to town they could meet and maybe invite me to be with them.

There have been several occasions lately when her new friend would be in town but just wanted to fuck Judy, which they did and she loves the attention and the great fuck he gives her. I of course benefit with seconds!!!

More later