Written by Robert

13 Jan 2017

I am a mincab driver

My wife regularly goes out with a couple of her mates, who like her are on the look out to get pulled. (all married and have husband's permission!)

I always help her with her clothes selection before her going out. Last week was a night such as this. I got out her red underwear , lacy bra, satin panties, matching suspender belt and seamed stockings.

They usually start in a pub before moving on to a club. Sometimes they all get lucky, sometimes not all of them.

If Linda does happen to pull, she will ring me and get me to pick them up to take them to his place.

So she rang me and came out to the cab with this young black guy called I found out Tony.

He told me the address and then immediately started kissing Linda and stroking her tits.

As she always does, she opened her legs so I could get a good view (and allow Tony access) and sure enough I could see his hand go inside her panties.

At this point she undid his trousers and got his prick out. It was a good size but not enourmous. More girth than length. It did swell quite a bit whilst she was stroking it though.

I dropped them outside his apartment and she said she would ring me later when she wanted picking up. At no point did she let on that she even knew me.

A couple of hours later I did go to pick her up. She said that it had been a really great session and he had been slow and gentle and he'd fucked her for about 15 minutes solid before he came. Afterwards they just lay there stroking each other before she rang me.

When I felt her panties they were soaking where she had clearly orgasmed into them before he got them off.

As is the rule, she made him wear a condom.

It has always been my fantasy to fuck her after she has had someone spunk up her but we are too nervous for this.

For the first time though, we tried a compromise. When we got home and on the bed, her just in her suspender belt and stockings, she produced the condom Tony had shot his load into. It was an absolutely amazing amount of spunk for one orgasm. She undid the condom and rolled it over my prick before I got to fuck her. It was an amazing feeling as though I was fucking her sliding into Tony's spunk. When I took it off both our loads dripped down onto her cunt and still slightly hard I slid it up her again.

So whilst it is a bit risky, I'm really dying now to fuck her while she's got another man's spunk up her.