Written by Trainer

24 Jun 2013

I had stopped as I had a phone call, I parked up by wooded area, when another car pulled up, I was speaking to the caller so I didn't take much notice until a skirt suit skipped into the bushes. I ended the call then got out of my car and walked into the woods, I had only got around ten paces when I saw the woman squating down, skirt round her waist, panties down letting go of a stream of piddle, now I've never really been into watersports but this forty something attractive woman in full flow just in front of me got me rather horny so I whipped out my cock and just had to piss as well, when she finished she pulled up her panties but didn't drop her skirt, she walked over to where I was just finishing off. Let me help you with that she said. she bobbed back down and took me in her mouth, sucking me hard, when I was fully erect she stood up turned round bent over and pulled her panties to one side. I slipped in and we fucked until I was coming I pulled out but shot over her arse.

She turned back round and we kissed passionately, she then said she had to go we swapped numbers and she told me she stops in hotels in my area quite regularly. I'm certainly looking forward to the next time.