Written by pantypaul

7 Sep 2010

We were on our way to the south of France, but got stuck in traffic, so about midnight I said I had enough and we stopped at an "Aire de repose" There was not many cars about but there was a few lorries.She got in the back and we both proceeded to nod off.

At about three I was dying for a piss, so I left the car passing some of the lorries. When I got to the toilets there was two guys dressed in stockings and panties, they were both snogging each other and groping at each others panties. I smiled and went to the urinal to pee, but my cock had now risen. It took a while to pee, but eventually it did.When I turned round one of the guys had his friends cock in his mouth and was giving him a good sucking. My cock now was fully erect, so I took it out and played with it whilst watching the two guys.

They saw me watching and waved me over to them, I walked over and saw their two lovely cocks, I reached out and took hold of them both and wanked them, they were rock hard. One of the guys put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. I was now faced with two cocks in front of me, so I kissed them both, then took each in turn in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I ran my hand up and down their stockinged legs, still sucking on their lovely cocks.I could taste the lovely precum off the cocks which made me suck them even harder. It was too much for one of the guys and he fired all his come down my throat pulling my head in to him, I licked it clean and then took the other cock in my mouth and did the same to him. His come was tastier so I sucked it as hard as I could to get every drop out of it.

My cock was rock hard and I wanted relief.I started to wank it while looking at these two men in black stockings. I motioned for them to kiss eack other. God it was so horny, I got closer and rubbed a clad leg with my spare hand. Still with them kissing I rubbed my cock in to one of the guys stockings, fucking the nylon material. I was now firing all my come over his stockings, I squeezed my cock to release all my come. I got some on the other guys stockings also.

When I had stopped coming we said our au revoir's. I got back to the car and she asked what were the toilets like. "not for you" I said. Then she asked did I want a drink of anything "no thanks I am not thirsty"

Any one who travels through France will know there are a lot of horny lorry drivers.