Written by Hazel

17 Feb 2008

Jack and I were holiday on the Costa Blanca and were staying at a friends house in Playa Flamenca. The house was ideally located and was close to all the usual facilities.

We got up the first morning and went to the shops, had a good look round, bought something for lunch and went back to the house. I prepared the lunch and we had a couple of bottles of wine.

We went upstairs to the bedroom to put on our swimwear so that we could get some sunbathing in on the balcony. The wine had started to kick in and we decided to sunbathe naked, something that we had only every done once before. After about an hour in the sun, I suggested to Jack that we could either go into the bedroom for a bit of fun or we could do it where we were. We agreed to do it where we were and it was electric. Just the thought that we were doing it in the open air was amazing.

The following day was a similar scenario, ending up doing it again on the balcony.

The third day we went shopping again and instead of going back to the house for lunch, we went to a local cafe, where I had the best part of 2 bottles of wine (Jack was driving). Jack thought we should go and have a look at the beaches, since we hadn\'t been down there. We drove to the beach and again the wine had started to take affect. We arrived at the beach, sat in the car for a while as we had a snog and a feel. We got out of the car, grabbed a couple of towels and wondered down to the beach. We didn\'t have our swim wear with us and had just planned to sit on the towels. The beach that we were on was very quite, but we suddenly realised that it was a nudist beach. I said to Jack, the wine talking, that since we were here and since we had already experienced sunbathing in the nude, why didn\'t we give it a try.

Jack was up for it and we found a quite bit, spread the towels, stripped off and lay down. We carried on chatting for a while as we got acclimatised. It was a fantastic feeling laying there totally naked knowing that someone may see us, it was far more of a turn on than on the balcony. Jack put his hand onto my stomach and asked how I felt. I said that I was really getting turned on. He said don\'t look now, but there\'s a guy sitting on the beach in front of us, having a good look at you. I felt hot, the thought of another man seeing my naked body. Jack suggested that I should tease him a little. I sat up and started to put lotion on my breasts. I glanced out of the corner of my eye through the protection of my sunglasses and noticed that he was starting to get an erection. This turned me on more than ever. I opened my legs and rubbed lotion onto my pubic area, pushing my head back as I hit the obvious spot. I could see that he had moved slightly closer for a better view and was probably only about 8 or 9 feet away.

I was going to make the most of this, while I had the opportunity. I grabbed hold of Jack\'s cock and started to wank it. I asked him if he fancied a bit, to which he said of course. I climbed onto his lovely cock and started to ride him for all I was worth. Sadly he didn\'t last long. I got off and got down between his legs to try and inflate him again, so that I get get another good fuck. I was aware that our friend was behind me and knew that he could see my now dripping fanny. It was an open invitation, that I hadn\'t thought of. I felt his cock against my skin and I instinctivly pushed backwards against him. Within seconds, his beautiful big cock was inside me. It was magnificent. Here I was totally naked on a public beach, with my husband\'s cock in my mouth and a strangers cock pumping mercilessly into my aching fanny. My new found friend and I managed to come at the same time, it really was earth shattering. He pulled out of me and walked away, without a word. My husband was now well and truly hard again and I mounted him once more for what was going to be my hat trick.

Needless to say I have found memories of Playa Flamenca and the fun that we had there.