Written by holiday fun

3 Jul 2008

me and my wife are 32 years old, she is very good looking with a great body, we have just got back from spain and while we were there we met quite a few people including an old couple , they were in their late 70s and had been married for over 60 years. we had been there five days and the wife was very tanned ,so that night we went out and she wore a very short white skirt ,top and high heels and about 11 oclock we ended up in a bar near our hotel. joe , the oldman was there but not his wife ,he said she didnt like this type of pub. There was a stripper on and a bit of a sex show . we noticed he couldnt stop watching the stripper and we wondered whether he still got aroused, about midnight he said he was going to toilet and then going to the hotel, and when he went to toilet i told the wife to walk with him back to the hotel and try to get him in our room so when he came back she asked if he would walk her back as i was staying out for a few hours, and off they went.

I gave them 20 mins and i followed, when i got back i used my keycard to open the door quietly and went in. i didnt turn the light on and noticed a porn film on the telly and our bedroom door slightly open with the light on, i went over and peeked inside and the wife was sat on the bed with her top undone and her tits out, her skirt was up and she was playing with herself and joe was stood in front of her naked with his cock in her mouth, she then lay on the bed and took her clothes off and joe got between her legs and i noticed he had quite a big cock, the wife took hold of it and rubbed it at her shaved pussy and she gasped as he slid into her.

he fucked her for about 10 mins then he said he was going to come, and she said please come in me and when he did she orgasm ed, he must have come loads because he lasted so long, but he didnt pull out he kept it in and started sucking her nipples and kissing her.

when he did pull out he was still hard so he got her on her hands and knees got behind her and fucked her ass and pussy, i could tell she was turned on because she was moaning and her nipples were rock hard.

i left them at it and when i got back 50 mins later he had gone, turns out he was nearly 79 and the wife had promised him another go before we went home in 2 days she told me that he had looked up her skirt, seen her shaved pussy and he had got turned on saying he had not had sex for 20 years he just wanked himself so she took him to bed, i told her i saw her sucking him ,and she said she had watched him wanking, then started sucking him and later he had watched her playing with herself

and having an orgasm