Written by Dobigray

30 Apr 2009

This story is the first installment of mine and my wifes adventures let me know what you think. Be warned it's quite lengthy.

Please excuse me if I occasionally falter on my grammar or spelling I am no writer and this is my first attempt.

The basis of this story is completely true although some details may have been embellished slightly just to help with fluidity.

It is the story of a period of revelation for me. It began several months ago when I combined a couple of my hobbies and got far more than I had bargained for.

I love to play poker online and my wife his highly dismissive of it considering it to be a fruitless waste of time and I could much better spend my time doing something she enjoyed. She is a very opinionated woman and always likes to get her own way and seldom sees anybody else’s point of view. That sounds likes we don’t get on very well which isn’t true, we have been sweat hearts since we were 14, we are 35 now and have only ever had each other as partners.

Natasha is in my opinion a very sexy looking woman, though she would argue the fact. She is fuller figured with large breasts and buttocks and a lovely narrow waste which really shows off her curves. She has the biggest, prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen which just completely capture you the first time you seem them and silky long, straight, dark brown hair. In particular her skin is fantastic smooth, soft and darkly tanned. In fact almost anywhere we go on holiday people always think she must be local and indian guys especially give her lots of attention, not that she notices or acknowledges it.

For years now I have tried to get her to allow me to take pictures of her, but like so many young women has been too self conscious to let me, although I am sure she is aroused by the idea of it. I have recently got quite into digital photography, mostly scenic and street pictures. I am not great but I am trying to improve. This has only increased my desire to take pictures of my wife as I am certain that I could really bring out the best of her in my pictures and help to boost her confidence. I have tried getting her blind drunk, I have tried catching her at the peak of arousal in our love making I have even tried bribery but to no avail her shyness keeps stopping her. My final attempt was a little more considered and tactical and is the result of the combined hobbies I mentioned before.

In order to prevent her moaning about me playing poker online I decided if I could teach her to play we could have a shared interest and who knows I may be able to get something extra out of it. Natasha is hugely competitive when it comes to games and I knew once I got her playing I could introduce some bigger stakes. In fact it could not have worked out better as I soon had a poker buddy but with benefits as we soon introduced a sexy edge to our games. The rules were these: we each started with 1000 chips and by the time we finished playing you kept the chips you had won or lost and didn’t play again until your lost chips had been repaid. For 150 chips we could purchase masturbation from the other, when ever and wherever, within reason, we chose. For 500 chips we could demand oral from our partner same rules. The first few times we played I made damn sure Natasha won. I love giving her pleasure, hearing her moaning feeling her buck through her orgasms really for me. Natasha always chose to get her rewards at home in the bedroom her inhibitions preventing her from being more adventurous. I didn’t mind though because, for the most part, it lead to us having great sex, although a couple of times she did just treat me like a sex toy and role over when she had her fill and left me holding my own, so to speak. Secretly I think she would be awake and waiting to listen to me masturbate for my relief.

When I finally did win enough chips of my own I decided to step it up a gear and declared that I wanted to get my oral sex outdoors and that I wanted her topless while she sucked my cock. She went bright red and looked as if she was going to get really angry. She spluttered out something about that not being fare she couldn’t do it and that she had not been so demanding of me. I calmly pointed out that I had honoured all of her winning hands and that it was a matter of breaking a trust if she did not see it through, I am not averse to using a little emotional blackmail, naughty but fare I felt. I then quickly sought to reassure her by explaining I knew of wood where we could be very discreet as it was very thick and could only be approached by crossing a large open field so we would know if anyone was coming. Eventually she accepted it was only right as we had agreed the terms and was only to happy to play when she was winning. The next day was a lovely sunny day so we decided we’d take the opportunity to go to the woods. Being summer Natasha wore a light long dress which really accentuated her hips and breast and I could not wait to peel it down to expose those beautiful breasts. We walked for a little while, not really talking much but holding hands and taking in the views, until we reached a small clearing that over looked the field. I stopped and Natasha tightened her grip on my hand. She looked at me and asked if we could just forget it and enjoy the walk. There was no way I was going to have that, I had bean trying all morning to control the erections that kept popping up, it was like being a teenager all over again. I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply. She let go some of the tension and I began to unbutton the top of her dress. Then I reached round unclasped her bra and in one move dropped it and her dress to her waist. She released a small gasp but made no attempt to cover herself. I stepped back and gazed upon her as she slowly liberated my cock from my jeans. It sprang out harder than I had ever known it. I told her how amazing she looked and she smiled nervously and without a word bent over and started to touch my aching cock. She first gently tentatively kissed it from the tip to the base and then slowly with her hot wet tongue drew buck up before descending again to lick at my swollen balls. She took each one in her mouth in turn and gently massaged it before again slurping all the way back up to the tip this time plunge her hot mouth over my throbbing helmet and sucking me all the way in. I could not help release a huge moan, if I was not careful this would be over much quicker than I wanted it to be. At that I glanced across and noticed a couple of a walkers crossing the field and I was sure they saw me. I couldn’t tell Natasha she would have panicked and stopped. Instead I started to give her instructions to go harder and faster and pretty soon I was giving her face a hard fucking, not the gentle, in her own time, oral sex she is used to giving me but she was groaning away herself with one hand lost under the folds of her dress I think enjoying this slightly rough treatment more than I would of anticiapted. Within seconds I ripped it from her mouth and released a huge jet of sperm which hit her with a force splattering her chin and the top of her breasts. Suddenly we heard voices approaching Natasha sprung to her feet pulling up her dress as she did and shoving her bra back into my pocket while I hurriedly slipped my soaking wet cock back into my jeans. No sooner had we done that than 2 guys came into view probably late 40’s and obviously out for a regular hike as they had all the gear. Now I know this is where I should make a bit up about 3 of us getting carried away and gangbanging Natasha but like I said this stuff really happened and it was quite a revelation for Natatsha to allow herself just to be partially exposed outdoors. That said I am pretty sure it did enter the head of one if not both of the guys as I am certain one of them noticed the partially concealed bra in my pocket, my wife’s unstrained breast heaving at the thin fabric of her dress and the fact that she still had spunk on her chin and visible at the V of her dress and the one guy was blatantly staring at her chest, I wasn’t sure wether to get hard or punch him. In addition they asked if we would like to join them on their walk as they knew the area very well. We politely declined and scurried off back towards the car. As we walked I told Natasha about the spunk and the bra and the staring and the more I thought about it I’m sure they were slightly out of breath as if they had been rushing. At first she was mortified by the obvious potential situation we had put ourselves in but we both agreed that in actual fact it provided great material for us to fantasise over and that afternoon we enjoyed some of the most fantastic sex of our long relationship. Natasha seemed insatiable and I had been inspired.

The next time we played cards we took it back to safe and I let her win a couple of times. She was really getting into it and thought she was invincible at the card table and more and more was just taking her winnings straight away and then walking away, getting off on using me. I felt this was the ideal time to introduce a new idea. I suggested that we if we had a really good hand and wanted to bet all of our chips on that one hand it should be for something special. She looked at me quizzically but went along with it asking me to be more specific. Since that day when in the woods she had been quite a bit more receptive to bedroom play ideas.

My suggestion was that if we bet “all in” we should accompany the bet with something we would like to have done to us or do to one another and that if we agreed to meet the bet we would also meet the challenge with one of our own. And given that we would both tell each other what it was we were going to challenge each other with and would have to agree it for the bet to be called it could not be gone back on at a later date as we would have entered into it in full understanding, a trust thing again.

She agreed with a half nervous smile. To test the concept when she went to pour us some drinks I fixed the cards so that we would both have really good hands but hers slightly better than mine. I dealt them out and the betting started modestly. 50 chips with the first 2 cards. Then she raised to 500 with the flop, a flop which I new gave her 3 of a kind, and in her sure bet for oral relief with no commitment or obligation to return the pleasure. The turn card gave her a full house and to my dismay she checked it, no bet, I thought she had bottled it. The final card, the river, by pure accident gave me three of a kind and an excuse to go for it even though I knew she would win. “all-in” What, she said but she had a mischievous look in her eye “ coincidence you introduce a new rule then straight away go all in? What’s your bet?” I hadn’t really thought about it too much asI had been getting lost in the excitement and was rock hard at that point. I quickly considered something that she might be scared of but could cope with if she lost, after all I really wanted her to call the bet. My bet was simple if my hand won we would return to the woods and this time get naked and fuck, find a more discreet place to limit the chances of being seen, but definitely not run away if any one walked near by. The smile on her face slipped at that. She took a long look at her cards and slowly looked up declaring that if hers was the wining hand she would tie me up with my legs in the air and my hands bound and she would penetrate my arse and milk me then allow me to pleasure her until she had had enough. Shit this was more than I had expected from her and suddenly I was worried. She had toyed with my arse before while giving me head but she has long nails so I had found it painful and in truth I was bit wierded out by it. Now it was me considering folding. I knew she had already won and I had to come to terms with taking something like a cock in my arse and knowing she was going to make me cum and what that would say to her about me. But it was her idea so she clearly was ok with it, the problem was mine. I decided that to not play might have embarrassed her for what she had suggested and the next time we played she might be disinclined to go for my stuff. It’s a bet I declared trying to sound as if I was certain I was going to be taking my pleasure of her in the woods very soon. I put my 3 of a kind out on the table with some ceremony and went to scoop up the chips. She gently placed her hand on my arm and slowly, smugly, laid her full house on the table with out taking her eyes off mine. The look in her eyes said it all, the hunter had become the hunted.

Shit I exclaimed she just smiled ordered me up stairs to shower and then to join her in the bedroom. I showered thoroughly making sure every inch of my body squeaked and gleamed and walked into the bedroom. She stood there still fully clothed waiting for me. On the bed were a sleeping mask which I knew only too well was to soon become a blindfold, some ties that she had pulled from various places like dressing gowns and the sort. There were also a collection of dildos varying in size from hand bag to fucking terrifying, I had no idea she had such an assortment, lube and a 12” rule which puzzled me. She instructed me to leave my towel at the door and come across the room to her with my hands on my head. This was a very strange position to be in. Generally in our sex lives I have been the more pro active one but now she was calling the shots and I felt compelled to do as she said even though I felt hugely conscious, a bit silly and strangely vulnerable. All of which were clearly her intension I could not believe that she had all this in her head and that I had never given her the opportunity to express it. As I was considering all this I felt a wack as the rule strapped across my thigh just skimming the tip of my cock. I couldn’t believe the pain but it was short and sharp and quickly to turned to a fiery heat rather than a stinging. ”I said lye down on the bed” came the instruction I had clearly just been oblivious to. I did so quickly still feeling the heat from that rule. She ordered me to place my hands above my head which she then, very quickly, tied to the bars of the head board. She then instructed me to raise my legs. I was a little slow doing this as I became conscious of my exposure. She quickly made it clear that this was not acceptable with another swift lash of the rule against the side of my thigh. At this point I may have run a mile but she had already tied me to the head board and my chances of getting away were gone I was going to have to go through with this. I raised my legs but keeping them together doing my best bulldog impression, I looked ridiculous, with a little giggle she gave my trapped balls a gentle slap with rule which immediately made me spread my legs she then quickly placed ties around my knees back to the head board keeping my legs wide apart and my arse hole fully exposed with my cock and balls indefensible. I suddenly felt hopeless and completely in her control. I had to trust her, I had no other option. She placed the blind fold on me, more for her own benefit than mine I suspect, and then added the killer words to complete my humiliation. “there you go gay boy now lets get you hard.” I should point out at this stage that I am not gay and am not attracted to men in anyway, not homophobic just does nothing for me. She knew this and knew the embarrassment these words would carry. She then squeezed some freezing cold lube onto my balls and slowly with both hands began to massage into my cock and balls and immediately my cock sprang to life having previously been flaccid as a result of the mental overload I was experiencing. Then without taking her hand from my cock she gently teased the area around my arsehole and to my dismay I felt my cock stiffen further. Within no time she had applied more lube and slowly worked two fingers into my arse I could barley stand it the feeling was agonisingly good, she was slowly wanking my cock and penetrating my arse and I loved it. She withdrew her fingers and I recall feeling disappointed but she quickly replaced them with one of her dildos. I have no idea which but it felt huge in my virgin arse. She began to fuck me, slowly at first, then harder but had moved her hand from my cock to my balls so as to delay the, already building, explosion. As soon as I had relaxed with the invader that had taken over my arse and accidentally groaned, to which she had quietly laughed, she pulled it out and began to insert a bigger one. This time it felt much bigger and she whispered this is my black lover reaming your arse. I now knew what the blind fold was for as, deprived of sensory input, your minds eye builds on suggestions. I now had some big black guy pounding my arse and it hurt, but it felt fantastic. By now she had returned to working my cock furiously in rhythm with the arse pounding she was giving me. My body tensed and orgasm hit me with an intensity that I could not have imagined. My own spunk hit my cheek and then trailed down my chest to my navel I felt her warm lips wrap around my cock as she sucked and licked away the spunk from it whilst smearing the spunk into my chest and face, and then silence….some time later she came back, let my legs go but left my hands bound so she could ride me for her pleasure. She did not allow me to speak the whole time I was tied up and kept her eyes closed as if re living our recent experience. We fucked twice more that night before collapsing exhausted but beautifully satisfied.

I could not wait for the next game of cards, it was about time I had a win of my own.

Next instalment to follow