Written by sexylegs00

24 Jul 2012

I was eagerly waiting for Ashley to turn up back at the room i had showered made sure i had got rid of the last drops of Clives cum and just as i walked over naked to the bedroom,Ashley walked in saying theres a sight for sore eyes. He dropped his bags and i rushed over to him to kiss him,he said fancy a shower as he took his boots off,we were soon under the water as i washed him off soaping his cock making it hard with my fingers.

He said so you have missed me then i nodded pulling him to the bedroom still wet i said lay back and i knelt up and holding his cock i licked it like a lolly, nibbled at it and finally gave it a suck, he held my head forcing it deeper, i tapped his chest as he let go as i gasped for air. Ashley sat on the edge of the bed and told me to sit on him facing him i squatted down on his cock as he held my hips until he was balls deep inside me.

We kissed and he said i have wanted you, then looked over and saw the wooden truncheon on the cabinet he said what have you or were you going to do with that!, i said nothing as long as you got back in time he laughed. He asked me what i had been doing, i said i went in to town had some food bought a mag and watched a film and then the other room mate turned up he asked what he was like i said he was ok quite friendly and we had a coffee and i had gone to bed, Ashley seemed to be ok with my story as i bounced on his hard cock ,he said you are a insatiable little minx.

He pulled on my nipples till it hurt as i sucked on his tongue he lifted me up my feet on the bed bouncing me on his cock and we both had a cum together and fell back on the bed. He lay there fell asleep as i untangled myself from his arms as i went for another shower. He slept for a few hours got dressed he wanted me to wear a blouse i had which was almost c-thru along with a new mini skirt that buttoned up the front with some heels i had also bought for the weekend as we went down to try the local pub grub

We walked in and all the mens eyes in there seemed to be on me as Ashley pulled me to him, he smiled at me telling me you are a stunner even tho you dont always believe so as we sat down for some food and drink. We had our meal and Ashley said lets get you back to bed now as i said to him and you are naughty you only went to get in my pants, he said you cant blame me for that as he squeezed my bum as the men all watched as we went.

We went to bed stripping, licking and sucking each other , i said what was in that drink as he turned me different ways as he fucked me making me cum each time, he said i cant get enough of you babe as he put me my head down on the bed on my knees and arse in the air as he slipped his cock inside drilling me with it. I turned my head to the side opened my eyes to see Clive stood there leaning against the doorway in his clothes stroking his cock thru his trousers as Ashley shouted he was cumming and unloaded his man juice into my soaking pussy he collapsed on to my back and saw Clive standing there for himself.

Clive still stroking his trouser front said hi man sorry! you left the door wide open and who could resist seeing you screw this honey, then i couldnt believe my ears as Askley said want to try it, Clive said sure man if youre ok and was naked in seconds as Ashley sat back on a seat. I felt Clives hands pull me back up so my arse was in the air then he put his fingers in me scooped out Asleys cum and put them in my mouth, he gave my arse and wet cunt a lick, i dont know what Ashley thought of Clives cock as he pushed it inside my wet cunt now but it felt bigger and harder than last night as he fucked me.

It took Clive to hold me up as he fucked me as all my cums were causing my legs to give out under him until he finally said here it comes Honey!, unleashing his man juice inside me as well. He let me go as i fell onto the bed kissed my cheek said thanks honey! turned to shake Ashleys hand and tell him thanks Man!,picked his clothes up and went for a shower.

We both followed him into the shower as Clive came out his cock still semi hard and went to his room, we washed each other as i asked why did he let Clive have me he said did you see him watching i said yes well it seemed rude not to after he had seen the goods and i wanted to see his brown cock inside you as well to see him fill you up and make you cum. He added you were hot babe!, we got out the shower and went to our room to change as it was soon Ashleys pick up time as he picked his bags up i went down to the van with him to kiss him good bye and tell him thanks,he smiled as he went.

I got back to the room sat to watch the TV as Clive came out said hes a good guy your Ashley i made us a drink as Clive said i am going to sleep can you wake me in 2 hours please i said ok as he left me.The hours soon passed and Clive said get dressed girl lets go out for a drink, i put on my blouse, skirt, heels i had on for Ashley as Clive pulled in at the local pub i said i was here earlier he dragged me out as we sat at the end of the bar on 2 bar stools as there were still some of the men there from earlier on they must have thought i was a pro as i walked in with a brown skinned guy this time who had his hand on my arse.

He said love the gear as he rested his hand just above my knee,he kept chatting as he undone the buttons 1 by 1 of my skirt his long fingers getting nearer my hot pussy, Clive said go lose the g-string i went to do the buttons up to go to the ladies he said no leave those just go. I walked across the room all eyes on me as my skirt flapped open, came back Clive said give them to me and held them to his nose as i sat down again, he had me open my legs so he could finger me until we drank up to go he followed me out to the car as all the men in the pub stared at me my skirt still flapping open and now a wet stain on the back of it as well.

We got back to the room and Clive undressed me, kissing me as i knelt down in front of him to pull his trousers off i looked at his cock kissing it as he pulled me towards his bed. this time there was no chat just lips tongues and fingers on each other bodies i sucked his cock swallowing his juice he tounged my pussy making me cum again and again with his long tongue and fingers. I pushed him on his back riding him reverse cowgirl with my bum towards him he played with my smallest hole easing a finger inside me making me cum straightaway, feeling my juices run over his cock as he licked them up with his fingers.

He teased my bum with his fingers making me cum again and again as i rode his cock he could certainly hold back until he said here it comes Honey! hot cream all the way inside you and let go huge spurts of it as his cock twitched filling me up. I collapsed forward on his legs ,he pulled me around wrapped his arms around me flicked the light off and we fell asleep once again i woke up in the morning and he had left again leaving me a note saying see you later Honey!. I got up showered, tidied the room, dressed, went for a Sunday paper at the local shop i wasnt sure if it was me or not but the guys in there all stopped chatting as i walked in as i glanced back they were pointing at me talking again i just smiled to myself! TBC