Written by Kirsty

22 Oct 2017

Hi all I'm Kirsty a 30 something bottle blonde but natural redhead.

I'm a size 12, curvy butt and 36e chest.

This happened to me when I was 16 and went to a concert in Hyde park with my friend and her dad.

It was a great concert but towards the end I was starting to feel cold as I was only in a t shirt and jeans.

Donnas dad noticed I was getting chilly so while standing behind me he out his arms around my waist and pulled me in to him a little to help warm me up.

It was nice feeling his arms around me and I found myself gently moving my bum against him.

Now I've always been quite a confident person and had found out fairly early on that members of the opposite sex enjoyed the look of my body so when I started to get a little horny tingle in my pussy I decided I wanted him to touch more of me.

I put my hands on too of his and very slowly moved them under my t shirt, I thought he would pull them away but he didn't.

My heart was beating incredibly fast as he moved his hand up until he was touching my tit through my bra. When he realized that I wasn't going to stop him, he slipped his hand into my bra and teased my already hard nipple sending electric pulses straight down to my very wet pussy.

It was an amazing feeling, especially with all these people about.

His other hand was still around my waist so I gently moved his hand lower hoping he would take the hint.

He did and I felt his hand slipping in to the front of my jeans. To give him better access I un popped the button and felt his expert hand rub my pussy on the outside of my little satin panties.

I was sure he could feel how wet I was and hear my little moans of pleasure and then suddenly he was inside my knickers and parting my lips while his middle finger gave me the experience I had been longing for.

It wasnt long at all before I soaked his hand cumming hard and nearly collapsing on the floor. He held on to me until my orgasm had sub sided then removed his hand from my pants and kissed me on the back of the neck.

Nothing else sexual happened that nite, well apart from me masturbating furiously in bed while reliving the experience.