Written by Kirsty

25 Oct 2017

This is a follow up of my last account at a pop concert with my friend and her dad.

As I said originally, nothing more happened that night although I wanted it to.

Anytime I was round at Donnas, if no one was looking he would give my bum a nice grope or gently slap, which always sent a nice tingle to my pussy and guaranteed a night of furious mastubation while imaging what his cock would feel like inside me, but we were never alone enough for anything more to happen until Donna's nan was taken ill and her and her mum had to go and take care of her.

As soon as I found out they were going all I could think about was getting Mike to take me to bed and fuck me.

I decided to call round on the Saturday with the excuse of a get well soon card for the nan.

Saturday morning was spent in the bath shaving my legs and trimming my little ginger bush, then choosing my clothes. I couldn't be to slutty for obvious reasons but I did want to show off my large tits and bum a bit.

I decided on a little black satin thong that an ex bf had once bought me and a halter neck top which offered a little support so I could go braless then a pair of very tight black trousers.

I knocked on the door feeling very nervous but as soon as he saw me he invited me in, I didn't even have to mention the card.

He offered me tea so I sat on the sofa while he was in the kitchen.

He came in and sat next to me and put his hand on my knee and said

Have you come round for a repeat performance

I just nodded and then his mouth was clamped to mine and our tongues were in each others mouths.

His hand on my knee moved up between my legs and rubbed my pussy through my trousers causing me to get very wet very quickly.

After what seemed like ages, he stopped and said

Let's go upstairs

As he stood to take my hand I could see the outline of what looked liked quite a large cock in his trousers and couldn't resist touching it. I ran my fingers along the outline of it, feeling it twitch and grow harder. As he was standing and I was sitting, I reached up and undid his trousers and with his help pulled them and his boxer's down freeing a very hard fat 9inch cock.

I was no stranger to having a cock in my mouth but I was certainly no expert so I just did what I had seen in a porn film and he and gently pulled his skin back then put the huge head in my mouth.

I couldn't have doing to badly by the noises he was making which only made me hornier.

He pulled me to my feet and told me to get upstairs and slapped my bum as I went.

He was naked when he walked into the bedroom and I must say he looked very impressive.

My top was removed and I wiggled out of my trousers so I was just standing there in my little black thong.

He layed me on the bed and climbed in between my legs slowly pulling my pants down and openly admiring the fact that I was ginger.

Then it happened, his mouth was on my pussy and his fingers were gently opening me up giving him full access to my very sensitive clit.

It was amazing, I had never had oral like this before, my thighs were clamped around him and my hands were pulling his head into me. He would alternate between licking, sucking and even nibbling my clit. He soon had me close to orgasm and I held him tighter as I soaked his face with my cum.

He worked his way back up kissing my body till his cum soaked face was level with mine and his hard cock was rubbing my pussy lips.

I reached between us and worked the head of his cock into me as he slowly pushed stretching my tight little pussy to its limit.

It took him a while until he was all the way in and the feeling was 100 times better than I could of ever imagined. Slowly he started to fuck me, telling me how incredibly wet and how fucking tight I was.

I'm ashamed to say I was in such ecstasy that I just layed there while he pushed my legs right back and started fucking me hard, my moans got louder until I was begging him not to stop.

Then he put his hands under my bum and rolled over till I was on top of him.

I did what come naturally and rode him while he sucked and bit my nipples.

I found that at a certain angle his cock really hit the spot and I soon felt my orgasms approaching again and I remember screaming at him that I was cumming, it was so intense that I had to stop and as I slightly lifted off his cock my cum poured from me soaking him and the bed and left me feeling very faint and sort of out of it for a bit.

I layed next to him apologizing for making such a mess not really realizing what had just happened but he just said it was so fucking horny having a girl gush all over him.

We chatted for a bit while I came back down to earth and I asked him if he wanted to cum in me.

I told him I was on the pill so he asked to fuck me from behind.

I got on my hands and knees and he pushed himself back into me, I told him to fuck me hard until he cum.

He pounded me even pulling my hair and slapping my bum till he told me he was cumming and emptied himself into me. It was the first time a guy had Spunked up inside me and I knew then it wouldn't be the last.