Written by Hungryforyou

6 Oct 2008

Pop my corn

We arrange to meet at the cinema where you are already waiting right at the top and in the corner, where it is nice and dark prying eyes.

Your looking so sexy in a long coat and black boots as we sit back and wait for the film to start.

You lean over and whisper in my ear that you are naked under your coat,and that makes me so aroused to know this that as the film starts I reach over and run my hand up your thigh and then to the inner thigh.

My finger tips slowly caressing your pussy that I can feel it so smooth from been shaved.

Slipping two fingers inside you I began to probe you and my thumb is on your clit.

I can smell the scent of your pussy as I go down between your legs and start to kiss you all the way up your thighs.

Your bag is on my seat so it just blocks off anyone from seeing use in our moment of passion.

My head moving under your coat as I take your pussy lips in my mouth and hold you,and as I do so you swell in my mouth and the scent of your pussy fills my nose I just have to have more.

I can feel you squirming in the seat as I suck gentley on your clit and pulling back your hood with my hand.

You taste so good as you are getting really wet as your juice runs over my lips and down my chin, as I reach up with a wet hand and offer you a taste.

I run my hands unto you breasts that are so ripe and I can feel your nipples so hard, that as I touch them you let out a scream of delight that makes someone look after for a second.

Climbing back into my seat I feel you undo my trousers and take my into your mouth, and it feels so good your firm juicy lips going down my shaft all the way to the balls.

I feel your hands on my balls squeezing them and you put your thumb in-between them,and you start to suck on one of my balls.

I feel like I am about to burst out of my skin It feels so good you sucking me.

Pulling you up and facing away from me you slide down my rock hard cock and start to ride me.

Your doing circular hips movements as you grind my cock so good inside you.

Your hands are on the seat in front as you ride me good and too good as your moans makes a man look over and start to watch us.

So we go to the bathroom and lock ourselves into one of the toilets and I sit on the seat and you climb on my facing me.

Your arms around my neck as you franticly ride me so good I can feel your juice drip down over my balls, as I feel you grip my cock so tight with your pussy as you shudder with to orgasm.

There we sit kissing both complete spent.