Written by Colin M

23 Dec 2017

Some years back between Xmas and New Year me and John came home a bit later than usual cos he'd bumped into his mate in the pub and we couldn't get away from him . John said if his mate knew where we were going he'd have wanted to come. When we got ours and walked in the room Joan had closed her eyes already . Normally she is watching telly and keeps us guessing 'will she or wont she' .

Because she was acting asleep I opened her blouse to see she'd bought a front opening bra so I opened it and we took a tit each. She always loved her tits sucked since her pal told her when they were young girls that sucking will make them grow, so her pal used to suck them. . I lifted her skirt up to tease him and she'd put her stockings on and thin nylon black panties . I then thought I'd pretend I was bursting for a piss . I left him sucking a tit and cos I didn't need a piss I watched through the door to see what he'd do. Straight away he knelt between her thighs, pulled her panties to the side and shoved his cock up her and started fucking her fast. He fucked her for about a minute and a half and shot his load inside her Then he put her panties back in place and went back on her tit. I returned a few secs later and commenced sucking the other tit . He had no idea I'd seen him fucking her. We were both sucking her tits and she had her hand on my cock stroking it slowly. I knew he was hoping he could get hard again and fuck her again, but it was getting late so I said we'd better call it a night. As he left ,she woke up and I got up her fanny. It was wet with spunk . I was expecting her to say he'd fucked her but she didn't say a word. When I said her fanny was as juicy as fuck she said its cos she's been waiting for us to fuck her. I said he was more interested in your tits tonight and probably wanked off earlier . We had a fantastic fuck and she was red hot like a bliddy nympho cos he'd fucked her and she hadnt cum. I think she was excited he'd had a sneak fuck. I enjoyed seeing her getting the cock without me there so I wanted to try it again. The next opportunity was a month later when we came back from the Pub in the snow. I didn't know if she would or wouldn't cos she was awake watching telly . We just sat hoping while looking at the dirty books he'd brought me .She always knew if she didnt do it, she'd still get my cock when he goes. So I thought I'd tease her for a change and got my cock out and stroked it in front of her but hidden behind the book. She knew what I was doing, then he got his out aswell . It must have teased her seeing two men with the horn because of her. I dropped my book accidentally on purpose to show it standing up. Soon her eyes closed so we put the books down. If she'd peeped she'd see two hard cocks. She used to peep when she got the chance cos she liked to see his cock before it fucked her. Once her eyes closed I gave him the thumbs and lifted her skirt up to see her white thighs and skimpy nylon panties . I opened the blouse and got her tits out then said I better go for a piss first . I really did go for a piss and I came back quick to catch him up her. He looked at me so I gave him the thumbs up so he slowed down and enjoyed himself on her. He later said he made her cum same time as him then he pulled out, and went back on her tit. He's a tit man and loved sucking Joans tits. I returned and she had no idea I'd been watching. I shoved my cock up her as he sucked her tits . He had told me he loves seeing me and Joan fucking but I always pull out before I cum & save it for later when me and her talk dirty. I told him its late so call it a night and he went off home. Same as last time she never said that he'd been up her so I didn't say anything . It shows how secretive she can be. I was beginning to think it was extra exciting for her getting fucked when I wasn't there. Anyway because she seemed to like him sneaking his cock up her, we planned it for other nights. I couldn't say I'm going for a piss so found other excuses. The best one was when he was at her tits and I had her skirt up and panties pulled to the side ready to fuck it. I slipped into her and started fucking her then pressed the button on my mobile phone to ring the house. I had to pull out leaving her frustrated to go in the dining room to answer it. I watched through the hatch as he got up her and they fucked. He knew he could take his time and make her cum as well. That must have been the best night for him but she still never told me he'd fucked her cos when I got back he was still on a tit. Her only comment later was (what she often said) 'tell him I don't have any milk in my tits so stop sucking them so hard'.I think this is when she realised she could handle a man without me holding her hand and how she had the confidence to go with Frank after her girly nights out (See my 4th Dec Post) which was revenge for loaning him the sexy video of her ( and I hadn't). All I did was show him it on a wanking night at his place.