Written by Kris

2 Apr 2013

I posted some recent experiences regarding my lovely wife on here a couple of months back - see http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-98895.html

I was really grateful for some of the feedback and comments - which helped me get things into perspective and enabled me to have some productive conversations with a wife who was growing uneasy within our marriage. Quite unexpectedly being 'grown up' and allowing he to express her wants and desires outside our marriage has made us a great deal 'stronger'.

Following the feedback received on this site I realised that confronting my wife about her having feelings for other men and women was wholly the wrong way to behave. I found some time to sit down with her and apologised for the way I had behaved when i found a series of sexual images on her phone. I told her how much I lover her, told her how much I valued being married o her and how much i valued being her sexual partner - but the first time I told her that I did not need 'exclusivity' that provide she was open and honest with me it was fine for her to pursue sexual relationships with others - if that is what she wanted. I also reminded her that I had no desire at this time to pursue any sexual activities outside our marriage but this may change over time.

Once I had told my wife this - her sense of relief was immense, she opened up and told me about all the pent up frustrations that date back across our entire time together - how it has been such a strain remaining faithful; how she has been trapped in a marriage and has been for the most part sexually unfulfilled - partly because she has wanted a woman not a man in her bed on occasions.

Not too much has happened over the last 6 or 7 weeks since we agreed our new beginning of sexual freedom. My wife has begun staying over at a friends house a couple of nights a week - this is the friend she slept with on holiday and they have started a 'tentative' relationship. My wife describes their 'lesbian' encounters in great detail to me - and if I am honest it sounds like a really beautiful relationship and I don't feel threatened at all. We always have great sex once she has returned from a night over and has told me 'all the details'.

More significantly, my wife has started to look for suitable male partners to try ex outside our marriage. She has been out on a number of 'girls' nights out - and insists that she has focussed on finding a man. She knows that she has my permission to stay out with someone if she deems them suitable - we have agreed a code for her to text me. Or if necessary she can text me and I will move into the spare room and she can bring a man back and sleep with him in our bed and I will not get involved. To dat she hasn't found anyone deemed suitable but I get so excited when she goes out expecting a text and admit to being a bit disappointed when she returns home - just fora second until I realise just how turned on she is and how much she wants me.

This site or more accurately the people who contribute - were good to me a few weeks back when I was in a 'state' and didn't know what to do. I have listened to good advice, gotten things into perspective and saved my marriage. My wife is so much happier and our love life has never been better. Giving my wife the freedom to enjoy her sexuality was the best thing I have ever done and I have never looked forward to the future with greater enthusiasm.

Once she has found a man and started to enjoy her self I will write a further update or better still I will try to persuade her to update you.