Written by boomeram

3 Aug 2010

Just recently we flew from Stanstead, nothing was good about it really, the free parking was miles away, the snacks cost a small fortune, room service was even more extortinate, and our flight was at a stipid time of the morning.

My wife and I have been married for just over gour years, she looks a bit like Becky from Coronatiob Street, and has been avoiding all my suggestions of her having another cock inside her, since we first met seven years ago.

We have role plated it often enough but have never put it into practice, so I had no thoughts that things`would be different. Another thing was that I have told her that if ever she wants to change fantasy into reality all she has to do is shave her pussy! That morning as my size 10 petite wife was showering her pussy hair was still intact. so nothing new then.

We decided at around nine to eat in the bar, we eat, got served by a surly waiter, there was a deal on with the meal and wine so we both had meal and wine, thankfully it was a large wine, by 11.00 we had another wine and my wife was quite tipsy.We agreed to go back to our room and have some kip before our flight, we took thelift. In the lift I started to touch her, rubbing her knickers through her dress, my finger circling her pussy, no sooner than we got in the lift pinged and we out again, we were soon in our room, and we were kissing.