Written by D

15 Dec 2013

Hi to you all,

I have written about my wife and how I have encouraged "F" to fulfil my fantasises about her being taken by a group of men and in turn, seeing her really enjoying being the centre of attention! and seeing her enjoy it! After me being the only man to have had intercourse with - she has within the last few years, had her first session with four men ( http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-72444.html ) and then I arranged with a guy of here for and she was eventually taken back to their holiday bungalow and the six older men had their dreams come true as they fucked and played with her lovely body for a couple of hours.( http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-97525.html )

I did privately ask them to write on here about having her and we both found it horny to see how much they all enjoyed taking her.

Well now I'm pleased to inform we have recently had another encounter with a group of four men who contacted and almost begged to meet her. They also were golfing buddies on a break here in Bournemouth.

We met in a pre-arranged bar and "F"and as requested "F" was in her sexy clothes. I just love to see that look in men's eyes when they first see her because she really is a stunning young lady.

They said it was difficult to use their hotel so after a few drinks I told them to follow us in their car to a secluded spot in a local park area ( Meyrick Park . As soon as we got there I took her over to the the area I had looked at the day before and em-brassed her and then turned her towards the now very eager men who pounced on her and started to pull her clothes off. I asked them to calm down as I could see she was a little alarmed and "Simon" who appeared to be the main man and who I had previously made arrangements with, apologized and they then stripped her to only leave her stockings and tiny with G-String off her ( bless her as it was cold!) and started to finger bottom and sweet little pussy.

She had taken hours to prepare herself and man she looked so good nearly naked with a small, trimmed amount of hair around those lovely pussy lips and to my surprise, she had put on her gold chain around her small waist and it seemed to make her look even more erotic.

All that was said was instructions by them to her and each other what to do. As she was standing up,they pulled her her G-String off and spread her legs open and one of them started to lick her while the others sucked those magnificent boobs of hers.

After a few minutes of all this attention, they held her up and stuck a finger up her tight bum as she shuddered to a fantastic, sexual climax. They then held her by her legs and arms and fucked her ( with insistence for condoms ) till she moaned with pleasure. The rest is something of a blur in the dark as they stuck their cocks into mouth and pussy and even her bum but we both wouldn't allow this and to be fair, they understood and instead, liked and sucked her lovely tight bum hole.

I was rock hard watching this play-out in front of me and at the end, I asked them to take a leg and arm each and they lifted her of the ground for me to fill her up with loads of spunk.

Because it was so cold she fully understandably wanted to get dressed and they politely left and I took her home. Once she had bathed I took her into the bedroom and she told me to write on here ( without names) and tell the men that she loved once again, being the centre of attention and for making me and her happy!....What a beautiful women "F" and how lucky you men (14 in total) are to have been able to have her!