Written by printfuck

23 Feb 2010

I'm a 40 year old company director and recently took on a 18 year student for some work experience over 3 months. There's me, 2 sales staff and this young girl. She is Indian, looks and dresses like a 21 yr old. Extremely good looking, tall and 34D bust. She wears tight leggings, nice short blouses and high heels.

I own a printing company and got her to help with the machines, loading up paper, and the pdf files of customers and invoices. I look at her and get very horny with an extremely hard on.

One particular afternoon last Thursday, I was showing her how to load the paper in , and became very close to her . My crouch was touching her backside and I developed a hard on which U couldn't avoid. I thought she would move aside but instead She stayed there and somewhat moved closer. Her bum was feeling my hard on. We said nothing and she very slowly started to move bum her up and down slowly riding my cock.

As there was no one in the workshop, I held her arms and started to rub my hands on her tits while pushing my cock against her tight leggings. My hard on moved into her bum slit and I was rubbing it harder and harder. I took off her leggings and my jeans and pushed my cock into her tight but very wet pussy from behind. She whispered, 'fuck me hard' and I continued to move my cock in and out of her cunt harder and deeper. She was softly moaning, my hands were on her nipples squeezing her erected nipples. It was not long before I started to cum and shot my load into her hot pussy.I continued until I felt her legs tighten and she screamed with pleasure. I knew she had cum. I kissed her deep and said THANK YOU.

I can't stop thinking of her and want to continue this lovely work expereince with her.