Written by Jinglebells

23 Dec 2018

This was a weird experience but absolutely true. In London for the weekend before Christmas with my wife, we wanted to go to the theatre but there was no particular show that tickets were either available or reasonably priced. However we had the laptop in the hotel room and decided to scan the local suburbs for small scale type theatre, even amateur dramatics when we happened on a single person performance of a Charles Dickens book. Reading the credits this artist had were very encouraging. We looked up the availability of tickets, thinking it would be either full or a no go due to the late hour. I rang the number and found it was a box office for one of the bigger theatres and this was a studio production in a back street close to the main theatre. Tickets were available and details as to where the studio was situated were offered and accepted.

As it was close to Soho I knew it was a maze of side passages and dingy badly lit alleys. But as we were visiting I was exultant that it was close to a tube station and only ten minutes or so from the hotel. Using my A to Z and the dear old mobile, we knew we would find it and our tickets would be waiting for us at the door, the performance was to begin at 7pm. We hurriedly showered and changed and were out of the door giving us over half an hour leeway. Fortunately the tube arrived as we got to the platform and within five minutes we were climbing the steps to the hordes of mankind sweeping both ways down the wide streets. Quickly orientating ourselves we selected the correct exit and turned onto the noisy streets amid confused tourists and barging locals intent on getting home. We actually found the studio door quite quickly and found it still locked but a note pinned to it confirmed the performance was in that place and we went for a drink rather than standing in the drizzle in a dingy side street.

A quick G&T and glance at my watch, we decided to go back to the door, five minute before performance time. Up the rather creaky stairs and at the top a man dressed in Dickensian clothes greeted us and asked our names, confirmed we were expected and he ushered us into the studio where chairs were set out and eight other people were already in. We selected seats close to the performance area which had a chair and an original fireplace in it, it could hardly have been more atmospheric, the room was wood panelled and dingy, the lights shrouded with a cloth to create even more dimness and shadows. Everyone was respectfully quiet and anticipated the forthcoming entertainment. The entire place was muted, unlike the bustle only a few yards away, no traffic noise could be heard, only the echo of tube trains far below.

The performance began, and knowing the story, I knew his diction and acting were brilliant. One man creating the voices and actions of several characters was mesmerising, coupled with the few props and his haunting and atmospheric face, contorting and beguiling and highly entertaining, all the audience was spellbound for the entire show. At the end he bowed and left to huge applause from the meagre crowd. We stood and spoke to a few of the other guests and exchanged appreciation among us for his fantastic ability to recall difficult diction from Victorian writing and how appropriate it was at this time of year. We left the studio and he was shaking hands with each member of the audience as they left. The wife and I did the same and then he asked if we were from the North and I said we were. He said he was too and as we were the last to leave, he said would we like a drink and mince pie as he would like a chat if we had time. He locked up and then he showed us into his changing room which was almost the size of the studio, around twenty feet square with a shower in the corner.

We learned it was a rehearsal room for two theatres and often used for small performances like the one we had seen. Liz, my wife was very taken with his ability to create the characters so easily and he thanked her for her comments. I began to notice she was getting the hots for him as her nipples were noticeable and I was sure he must have seen them along with the fact her skirt was gaping as she had undone two buttons when she sat down, this allowed her stocking tops to be seen. We have an understanding that if she is drawn to someone and he is responsive, then sparks are allowed to fly. I asked where the loo was as I needed a pee. He told me and I made my way to the door and found the room on the next floor up. I smiled and winked at her as I left and she grinned and winked back. I knew this meant she knew why I was leaving, to give her time to get things started if all went well.

I now remained deadly silent, straining to get some kind of shuffling or murmuring but I could not catch anything. I opened the loo door and stepped onto the staircase and stopped, then I thought I heard a little noise, probably my lovely Liz making a sigh, then his voice deeper but undefinable, then more and a tiny giggle which was definitely hers, then a sigh. I crept very slowly back down, catching my breath as I did and hoping not to spoil whatever was going on. The door to the room was closed but things were definitely hotting up in there. The bare floorboards were creaky but I was as slow as I could be. I had been gone for more than ten minutes and I decided that it was time I re entered the room, knowing they were not just eating mince pies.

My eyes were treated to my wife on her knees sucking his cock. His trousers were round his ankles and her skirt and top were gone as were her panties. Her bra was still on. The actor, (John) was sitting in his chair and stroking the back of her head as she worshipped a nice sized cock. He was out of his frock coat which was on the floor. I quietly said 'Carry on please, I did not expect two performances in one night but this is great' John grinned at me and said 'Thanks, this is a great surprise for me too' I knew he was intent on completing the night on my behalf so I took my cock out and wanked, eager to show how delighted I was that she was going to fuck with him. He was probably aged in his thirties and a fine actor but Liz's performances was threatening to eclipse all we had seen earlier. He undid her bra and she continued her sucking while it fell away so just in hold up stockings she was ready for him to use his cock on her and fill her cunt with spunk.

They moved around and she sat on his chair while he knelt between her thighs and licked her pussy, taking delight in making her squirt which had us all laughing and I remarked that she was truly turned on as it was only then that she produced enough love juice to soak anyone's face. I had my cock sucked while he managed to take her from behind and she asked us to get naked too to make things even sexier. John was over six foot tall so his cock was quite reasonable in his frame whereas on me it would have looked enormous. Liz later said he felt big, probably eight and a half inches, which she is very comfortable with. Watching him fuck her was another performance that night that I shall always remember, his face when he asked if we had any condoms and she said she wanted him bareback, was a true picture of glee and contentment as he admitted he hated using them but was not going to miss out if it meant him going out to buy some. We ended the might with her well fucked by John and later given a second dose by me back at the hotel.

When we left the studio, John went in the other direction to us but gave Liz a kiss and promised to forward his schedule of performances as he was due up north later in the year and he would be delighted to meet us again.