Written by cuckinhell69

5 Jan 2017

Well I had promised my Wife Alex ( see previous :- wife goes out for a evening with my mates ) before Xmas that we would go out somewhere this year for New Years Eve, now I was working quite a bit before Xmas filling in due to sickness ( that chest cough going around) and My Wife went out for a meal here an there with her friends from work and also had a night out with my Mates ( see story above) we finally stopped Xmas eve had a nice Xmas and I went down with the dreaded chest cough really bad on Boxing day.

I could see the look on Alex's face drop as she said I hope you are better for New Years Eve as you promised, I said yes, should be fine - Wrong !! As I should have been back at work on the 28th Dec I had some calls from the lads I work with saying where are you - you coming out with us New Years Eve. Well I chatted with Alex saying I am no state to go out tonight but the lads at work are going out some in fancy dress and meeting at Ron's house, If you want to go out with them I don't mind dropping you over there as I know where he lives ?

I watched Alex's face as she grabbed my arm saying but I wanted you with me, but she soon added as long as you don't mind ! As you said you would take me out ?? , with those puppy dog eyes of hers looking at me . So she had answered my Question and she spent the afternoon in the bathroom , coming out dancing around naked her pussy looked nice and freshly shaven and I caught up with her to feel she was already wet.

I watched as Alex did her hair an make up not that she needs much and applied a nice bright red lipstick to her lips as she said you said Fancy dress, I said yep! but its optional, as I had left her to get ready , she came out wearing her schoolgirl outfit which is a favourite of mine as she looks very sexy an fuckable . She sat down to put her 5" heels on, her legs apart as I sat opposite I could see her pussy thru a black see thru g string she had bought before Xmas, I smiled to myself thinking well knowing Alex the lads would be in for a treat tonight ,while Alex had been getting ready I had wrapped a few layers around myself with a hat an gloves as we set off in the car.

I knew once at Ron's he would have plenty of beers in and the lads would all bring drinks with them, an when they saw Alex I thought they would probably not want to go out once they had the music playing, it was a good job Ron lived on a biggish plot in a detached house. As I drove I was stroking my fingers along Alex's legs and pressing my fingertips against the front of her g string , she told me that is for when you are feeling better , to me , as I thought I felt a hint of dampness on my fingers .

As Alex got out the car ,she kissed me on the forehead, saying I will see you later, as she turned to walk up to Ron's front door she lifted the back of her skirt to show me her bare bum apart from the cheese wire tucked between her lovely tight bum. Ron opened the door saw Alex , looked out to give me a wave as I pulled away I could see Ron stood kissing Alex inside the hall way. I passed a couple of the lads walking down the road carrying boxes of beers as I decided to park up a couple of roads away from Ron's house, I sat there awhile before making a trek to the back garden of Ron's house with my pockets stuffed with cough sweets , medicine and soft drinks as I hoped to be able to sit on the seat in the lean to in Ron's garden once more.

I arrived to see it was still the same and sat down as again the back windows had not had the curtains drawn across leaving me with a straight view inside of the large lounge , the chairs an sofas were around the edge of the room with one sofa right under the back window, there was music being played the tv on in the corner, as most of my mates seemed to be stood in the kitchen chatting ,laughing and drinking.

I then saw Alex appear from the kitchen holding a drink with Robbie ( see previous story) with his hand on her bum on display as her skirt flicked up at the back as they walked over to chat to Ron who seemed to be telling some jokes an drinking . I saw Ron grab Alex for a cuddle and kiss as his hands ran over Alex's boobs and down to her bum as he pulled her against his body as Alex went with it all , Robbie looked a bit put out for a minute but soon joined in the chat . I suppose I should have said earlier but Alex's outfit consisted of a white shirt tied just under her round 36E boobs ( no bra) and a check mini skirt of a indecent length as it only just covered her pussy, ( not that I ever complained ) , plus she had gone with hold ups and her little g string an heels .

A couple more lads I knew came out in to the lounge as one who still had his coat on I guessed a new arrival Jed is tall, handsome, blonde and a nice lad late 20,s and only been with us about 6 months but the rumour was, he was indeed well hung. the lads with him Mike and Terry sat down and seemed to be more interested in the view of Alex's bum. As Jed joined in the chat Ron looked to be saying to Alex do you know Jed ? , she shook her head to say no ! . As Jed said Hi and pulled Alex to him and gave her a probing kiss , his hands diving under her skirt ,Alex's face eventually appeared against his shoulder as if to say what was that and liking it .

I saw Jed whisper something to Alex and he headed out to the kitchen and came out side to stand on the back door step I had moved to the shadows so as not to be seen, then a minute or two later Alex appeared on the door step with him , he kissed her again and led her around to the side where some of the lads had parked their cars . I kept a wide berth sticking to the fence around the garden and moved to within 20' or so of the 4x4 they had both got in to , the light was on as he left the door ajar , I could hear him say the lads told me you were a hot little fuck as he said I would love to fuck you with this ! , I heard Alex say I could tie a flag to that !

Jed said you want it in the back the seats are down, Alex was already out of the car, as he told her I was hoping you would be here tonight, he opened the tailgate up to see a thin foam mattress covered with a blanket , I watched as he lifted Alex on to the tailgate as she lifted her bum to lay back on the mattress while Jed pulled off his coat an t shirt , pulled his jeans down to show he had gone commando ,his cock was easily 9"+ and still growing, he kicked his boots an jeans off ,knelt up on the tailgate.

I saw him pull Alex's g string off and bury his face between her pussy as she held on to his head pulling him tight, I could now see what Alex was going to get as Jed's cock was now at full sail, I looked and thought it was huge, only in a porno had I seen bigger. He knelt up an Alex said WOW!!!, think you better lay back if I am going to get that inside me Jed , they swapped positons his legs hanging out of the 4x4 as Alex moved to straddle him and not hit her head as she told him I don't want to knock myself out until I have had you inside me ( laughing)

I saw Alex put her hand down between her legs to hold her pussy open as Jed held his cock at the base , she lowered herself down as I watched the first inch or two push inside her as Jed said , Fuck me Babe ! you are Hot !! she ducked down to kiss him as she slipped further down Jed's pole. I heard Alex tell him God you are a big boy, Jed, if I wasn't married I might have had to trade him in , Jed said anytime sweetheart you can have this !!

Then Alex took a gasp saying God that's it !!, as I watched her tight bum lift up and her pussy slide back down on Jed's pole , Alex began to groan with pleasure as Jed asked you on the pill or something Alex , a dreamy Yesss ! came from Alex's mouth , as Jed said great I want to fill your womb up with my cum Babe!, I saw Jed now undoing her shirt pulling t back over her shoulders as his mouth feasted on Alex's boobs, he said great nipples to suck s Alex moaned OH YESSS !!!, which made me think she was just cumming over that piece of meat inside her .

I watched as Alex began rolling her hips and bum as she rode Jed's cock, he was saying Fuck me Babes, you're the best !, it was something to watch as I could not remember her doing that move before , perhaps she could with Jed due to his size. Alex asked Jed was he going to cum as she was near, he said when you are ready I will fill your hot pussy up with my cum, it was not much longer as Alex rode his hot fleshy pole till she shouted I Am Cumming, please fill me up Jed, he said Fuck, my pleasure !, as he pulled Alex down to kiss her, his bum lifting them both off the mattress as his legs straightened.

I decided to make my way back to the shadows of the lean to and watched as eventually they turned the corner as Jed held Alex to him as they kissed out side on the step, as Alex told him Jed I am still dripping how much did you cum ?? before going back inside , I could hear a cry of here are the lovers , where have you been ! , thru the open window of the kitchen . I watched as Alex had a couple of drinks and began dancing with some of the lads and every now and again she was sandwiched between 2 of them , I noticed as she had just finished dancing with Mike behind her and Terry who had been kissing her as they moved around that he had undone her shirt and the ties hung down either side of her reddening boobs.

The rest of them were telling jokes ,laughing and peering around to see what Alex was up to now, as Robbie was chatting with Jed as they both looked at Alex smiling to themselves, Terry had taken Alex by the hand and led her over to the relative quiet of the sofa in front of the window facing me , with Mike a few feet behind them watching and holding a cam phone as if he was going to use it . As Terry sat on the arm of the sofa his back to me he had Alex stand in front of him and told her to take the shirt off so she was topless , his hands came up as he chatted away to Alex who looked a bit drunk but happy to feel his hands , mould and pull on her boobs and those hard nipples of hers which I love to nibble on.

Terry spoke to Alex as she undid his trousers pulling them off his legs with his pants , then Alex laid back on the sofa as Terry straddled her waist and gave her his cock to lick and suck, holding her hair as he pressed deeper into her mouth before moving down to slide his wet cock between Alex's boobs as I watched her head lift to lick or suck the head of his cock as he fucked her warm boobs after a few minutes of this it proved too much for Terry and his cock exploded over Alex's boobs ,neck ,face and hair .

I along with Terry and Mike stood a few feet away an watched as Alex scooped up his cream on to her fingers and didn't stop till she had licked it all off, then Mike handed the phone over to Terry, an came over with a tissue to help wipe Terry's cum out of her hair, as Terry got up pecked Alex on the cheek and went out the back door and home I assumed without a word to anyone. Then Mike sat down next to Alex and she kissed him thanking him for his help he held her to him and I watched as Alex now straddled Mike her boobs looking red where Terry's cock had been , she stood up for a moment and I could see her mouth to Mike to get his trousers off he kicked his trousers an pants of his ankles leaving his cock pointing up towards his belly.

Alex knelt down running her tongue along an around Mike's thicker than average cock , her mouth stretched wide as she began to suck it for him, he sat back enjoying Alex's attention before tapping her on the head, Alex looked up and knew what he wanted as she stood up and I was slightly surprised when she took her skirt off and left herself standing thee in her g string , hold ups and heels, as she moved in front of Mike and must have told him to pull her g string off as his hands held the string either side and pulled as Alex stepped out of them. As I wasn't sure if she would have bothered to put them on after her session with Jed in his 4x4.

Alex then put one knee on the sofa and as she lifted the other she slowly sank down on to Mike's hard cock , his hands pulled her to him to kiss Alex , as she put her hands on his shoulders and began to lift up an down on his cock ,he played with her boobs, bum and nipples , running his hands thru her hair and over her neck an face as she sucked on his fingers, when her face went red as she shut her eyes and told Mike she had just cum on his thick cock, luckily for me Alex is expressive in her speech making it easy for me to lip read.

Mike must have said something to Alex as she stood and moved on to the sofa her top half over the back of the sofa her arms resting on the window sill as Mike knelt behind her and began to fuck my sexy wife , I could see her eyes shut , licking her lips , her boobs rocking as Mike hammered his cock in to Alex , when she suddenly opened her mouth, lifting her head I knew she had cum with Mike only seconds behind as his face grimaced and relaxed as he pushed himself up .

I had been concentrating on Alex and had not noticed Will had come in and was watching along with the others now as Alex was centre of attention all eyes on her , as Mike kissed Alex on the neck he moved away to dress and Will was straight in he moved behind Alex obviously saying things she recognised from previous (story). She turned around to plant a kiss on Will's face, he began to strip before his mouth travelled all over Alex's body her hands running over his body and cock rubbing it before placing her lips on it, but he wanted more and picked her up telling Alex to bend forward her arms outstretched against the wall.

Once more all eyes watched closely as Will steadily fucked my wife as he looked around to see the others watching , as if saying look at what I am doing to this hot woman he pulled out rubbing his wet, glistening cock between Alex's bum as she pressed back trying to find it to fill her hot pussy again . We all watched as Alex turned her head my way with that expression of I am cumming on his cock again her eyes closed, as Will just could not hold back any longer and I watched his arse clenching in an out as he filled my Wife's pussy then pulled out to splash some token shots across her hot bum as if to say I have had her now its your turn to the others.

Well after that I watched as Robbie and Jed both came to lead her further in to the middle of the room where Ron was standing and Jed pulled the seat cushions on to the floor to make a large bed and as Robbie and Jed began to strip off , Jed looked at Ron said come on mate , she wants some cock lets all give it to her . I then saw Ron strip off not quite as tight muscled and slim as the others but his build was from years of hard work, I looked to see Alex laid on her front looking around at these 3 males smiling as if to say I am going to get fucked and enjoy every minute of it, I glanced at Robbie who looked a bit sheepish when he saw what Jed was packing.

The 3 of them sat on the sofa as Alex knelt up going from one cock to the next licking and sucking them and back until they were all sporting proud erections , then Will came over to tie a scarf around Alex's head so she was blind to anything that happened, he lifted her up and the 3 men moved around on to a seat each as Will spun Alex around and moved her over in front of Robbie who pulled her down to straddle him. We all watched as Robbie eased Alex on to his waiting cock as she began to bounce up and down on him , as she couldn't see now she seemed to be telling them what they were doing to her as she rode that unknown cock inside her .

I was sure Alex had just cum and guessed Will knew, as he tapped her on the shoulder and told her to stand up as he took Alex over to Ron and again told her to straddle him , we watched as her now slick pussy slipped down on to Ron's good sized cock an Alex immediately began bouncing up and down , Ron ran his hands over those boobs of hers he so loved as she put her hands on his shoulders to help her fuck his cock for him. Yet again when Alex had had another cum or maybe 2 , Will lifted her up after tapping her on the shoulder.

He then looked at Jed putting his fingers on his lips and Will sat down letting go of Alex as Jed stood up and moved Alex over to straddle Will , I had guessed it was to confuse Alex and with the look on her face I think it had worked, with some hand signals from Will he got Jed to tap her shoulder and Alex stopped and stood up , then for his patience Will stood led Alex In front of Jed and we all got to see Alex's face light up as she now realised she had Jed's cock slowly filling her pussy. This time Will and the rest of us , as even Mike was still sat back watching as Alex held on to Jed's shoulders as she rode his big cock once again but this time Will had decided to let Jed fill Alex's pussy as he sat back enjoying the action going on in front of us all.

We watched Jed's hands roam over her body and his mouth sucking and biting her boobs and nipples and I wondered if Robbie had told him what had happened the last time, Jed was in no hurry as he held my wife helping her bounce on his cock, I had crept closer to that window and was sure Alex had several cums on his cock before they both came together. Jed kissed her before letting go of her and Will then moved her into the middle of the cushions and settled her down on to all 4s ,

I became aware of Mike stripping off, his cock hard already as he moved closer and then Robbie went first and knelt up behind Alex to fuck her while Will knelt in front of Alex and he pushed his cock against her lips to feel it slide in as she sucked him. It did not take Robbie too long to fill Alex's pussy with his cum load , this time Ron did not hold back and knelt to fill Alex with his hard cock , I think she would know Ron's muscular hands on her body as he fucked her after a few minutes Will pulled his cock out and came on Alex's tongue and face, Ron's face was going a bit red now and assumed he would be next to cum ,

This time Mike moved around to take Will's place in Alex's mouth as she rocked her body to meet Ron's thrusts,

Alex I was sure was having numerous cums with these men inside her, , Ron seemed happy to just feel his cock inside my wife as Mike seemed ready to coat my Wife's tonsils and very shortly did just that . I then watched Alex turn her head to every one in the room with her mouth open and full of Mike's spunky deposit, the rest of us watched as Ron with New year now forgotten about, he lifted Alex off the floor as he lifted his pelvis up to drive his erupting cock in to Alex's pussy..

I was now feeling a bit rough and decided to call it a night and leave them all to it , as the call of my warm house was too great, I made my way out of the garden and back to my car and home , waking up around 8 am to find Alex was still not home . I texted her a message and about 10 .30 am I saw Jed pull up in our drive to drop Alex off after a quick kiss an cuddle , I asked good night when she came in as she said I didn't want to disturb you so I stayed at Ron's house in his daughters bed as she went out for the night . and Jed bought me back as he slept on the sofa as he was drunk last night .

I knew she was lying but said I was glad she had a good evening and asked her to tell me more later as Alex went for a shower but kept herself covered up, sorry its a long one hope you enjoyed your cuppa but was hopefully worth it , love to hear your thoughts and if you wan to hear more of Alex's adventures,