Written by Luck strikes

13 Aug 2018

My wife came back from a walk with a knowing look on her face and said it was time we had a look on the website for a friend, she was feeling she wanted some fun. It had been a while since she had been in this kind of mood, pressure of work being the main culprit. i was delighted as I had been patient to allow her to declare her desires, a thing I learned a while ago that pushing does not increase the chances of making a good encounter.

We had been on this site a while now and knew the score. You have plenty of enquiries but after sifting through, the number of serious candidates dwindles and sometimes evapourates entirely. It was almost a week before we found a man fitting her preferences and we made contact. He was very keen and had recently returned from holidaying with his son and daughter in law who had emigrated to Australia. The meeting we had was very beneficial as we got to get along with Mike very well. He was excellent company and Liz liked him almost immediately. A born comedian but with a twinkle in his eye, he did not push any boundaries on the first meeting, but set up a second for a couple of days time, giving his contact details in his mobile number and he took hers.

The next evening he called and spoke to her and asked what we were into because he wanted to satisfy Liz above his own gratification. After a long chat she came off the phone with a smile and explained Mike's position 'So what do you want?' she asked me, knowing my dirty mind would come up with a scenario. I had been thinking more intensely about this since our first meeting and I said I wondered if there was any way she might go to meet him alone and we could use the laptops to stream their activity to me at home, where the circumstances would allow them the freedom of not having an elephant in the room as it were, but of course I would still be witnessing their fun. We had recently bought a new cam so she could take it provided it was compatible with his equipment.

A second phone conversation confirmed he had all the gear we needed and it was a simple task to set it all up, the only problem being that moving the camera around would be a nuisance so if he kept it played on the bed in a strategically good position,then all should be fine. He suggested that my vantage point might well be from the top of the wardrobe, laughing and saying that it beat hiding in it.

I had a trial run and Mike was very obliging and said it was the first time he had done a video but he thought all would be ok. So the next day was our second meeting and we had arranged to meet in a pub fairly close to his home, about a twenty minute drive away for us. At eight thirty that night we were ready. Liz looking gorgeous, a size twelve and with 36E boobs, a trim figure and pretty face topped with blonde hair, sexy come to bed eye make up which always gives me a hard on. Her dress a summery affair, light and full, just around the knee, a couple of inches above, tight waistline and plunging neckline giving lovely breasts an airing. Her underwear newly purchased in devilish red and despite the heat, a matching suspender belt and nearly nude stockings. Four inch heels in red and she looked stunning and very much ready for sex. As we entered the pub I noticed several men turn and stare and I knew it was not for me. Liz on the other hand knew she looked very fuckable and met Mike at the bar and gave him a kiss. I stayed long enough to share a soft drink with them and after fifteen minutes or so, suggested I take my leave. I then said that it appeared that other drinkers might suspect what is going on. Mike said 'Well they'll be right, I will look after her, any time you need her back for' I replied that it was for them to decide and if it was the next morning, then so be it. We shook hands, I kissed her and left, watching from the corner of my eye as my departure was witnessed by a number of men and one or two women.

I got home and turned my laptop on. Mike said all was set up and should be fine. He was going to start the laptop at his place once they arrived. I got a call from Liz an hour later to say they were on their way. Fifteen minutes after that Mike called and said he was turning his laptop on and to call if there was any problem. My screen flickered into life and I was immediately in his bedroom. The duvet was pulled away and there were some pillows laid ready. Mike appeared on the screen and smiled and spoke, asking if I could hear. This was a bonus, the voice was perfect and I told him so. He said they were having a drink and then they would be through.

I had a hard on to beat them all waiting for my wife to get naked with another guy and him going to fuck her for the first time. I was impatient and felt my heart thumping wildly. Then the door opened and they came in, his arm round her and they kissed passionately at the side of the bed. He had undone her zip and I plainly saw her bra strap, the clarity brilliant. I could not see her hand but assumed she was giving his cock a nice stroke and squeeze. Her dress slipped away and she was smiling and talking low, but I heard her saying 'Something feels nice and hard' and laughing softly as he kissed her again and undid her bra, removing it quickly, playing with her breasts. She had his trousers undone and ducked down to give him an introductory suck, which I lost due to them being visible from the waist up at the time. Mike's expressions of appreciation were however enough to confirm what she was doing and I was satisfied with his vocal confirmation that she was as good as ever.

Soon he asked her to get up while he got her panties off and she was eager to allow that, falling back on the bed and coming into view as Mike slipped the red panties away from her cunt which looked edible, just a thin wisp of hair and the rest smoothly shaved. She remained in her stockings and suspenders as Mike removed the rest of his clothes and lay open legged for him, his prize on full show. I got a glimpse of his shaft as he dived between her thighs, a good size but not the huge specimen often boasted about on these pages, no he was around the same as me , maybe a tiny bit longer and a touch wider, I just hoped it was enough. Watching them treating each other gently but passionately was well worth the being absent from the party. They had forgotten I was there and they talked fairly softly and as he was facing away from me for the time being, it was fairly indistinct except for his heavy breathing as he lapped at her cunt lips and chewed gently on her clitoris. He knew what he was doing because Liz made up for his muffled voice by gasping breathlessly and coming noisily after a short time. his face emerged and he said how lovely she tasted and she asked him to turn round and then she could suck his cock while he licked her out.

This movement allowed me to see his erection and it was actually bigger than mine, but not by much. The way she held it confirmed as she can get my bell end in fairly comfortably, and this one was more of a mouthful and she noisily sucked him and made sure I saw his shaft being swallowed up and licked alongside his balls as she feasted on cock. I was entranced. being remote was weird but fabulous. My wife performing like a porn star in her own private movie.

When the time came to fuck her, he was taking her missionary for a time, but all I got was his arse and back, she suggested her on top and gave me a lovely sight of his cock being fed into her cunt with her hand between her spread thighs, what a sexy sight. My dirty girl pulling his length into her cunt bareback and his cock disappearing into her wanton pussy. this was worth the admission fee itself. I watched them fucking for a while, then she got on top and fed him in again. After that he screwed her missionary again and came deep inside her. As he pulled out he grinned up at the laptop and me and said that was fantastic and that he had been blown away by her fucking. I text them back and said I was delighted and could I see her creampie which he had given her. He moved the laptop to between her thighs and I got a fabulous close up of it, her cunt leaking loads of lovely liquid.

They said they would be having more of the same after a rest and did I want to watch again. I said that of course I did. Liz blew me a kiss and asked if I had seen it. For some reason my voice was unheard at their end so I rang them and confirmed my position that I would watch all night if they were fucking. So they disappeared naked together and went into the lounge for a drink. We spoke on the phone and Mike said he had a fantastic time and had taken some viagra earlier and his cock just would not go down, not that he wanted it to. Liz said she might stay until morning if I did not mind and I said that was fine and she needed to keep a little bit of strength for when she got home. She said she would make sure there was something for me to lick out of her. They rang off and I shot my load with delight as they re-entered the bedroom and she sucked Mike off from a position I could see them. His spunk was not massive but she showed me it on her tongue before swallowing and then licking him clean.

Things died down from then on as I reckon they were both tired, but my phone rang about four in the morning and Mike said they were about to go again. Through slits in my eyes I woke to see them fucking at the side of the bed. Liz having lost her stockings and suspenders, completely naked and taking mike's cock for the third time that night.

She came home around ten that morning with a cunt very red around the lips. Mike had had her again while I was walking the dog. I hoped the flashdrive I had put in had seen what I missed. I got to lick her out and then she slept for three hours solid. I woke her with a cup of tea and we lay together happily as she told me about the bits I missed