Written by djp044

19 Oct 2010

Reading the story of "Naive Wife to Whore" reminded me of when my wife Bev started work as a waitress at an army camp. She was on the prudish side, liked porno magazines but wouldn't hear of trying wife swapping etc. Bev was and is on the plump side, 38dd tits and blonde and was 28 then. However we were hard up and needed another income so she applied for and got a job as a waitress in the army officers mess. I said she would be like an alcoholic in a bottle shop and would not be able to keep her knickers on with all those young blokes around

She found the job easy apart from the late hours, most days would be 8am to 4pm and the next 4pm to midnight. Also a shock was the attitude of the other girls there who seemed to have sex as casually as shaking hands. Within two weeks she went out with a major to get some stores one evening and on the way back he pulled into a quiet road. They talked and he was very suggestive and then without warning pulled down his tracksuit trousers to reveal a 9" cock, quite thick and very like mine, even circumcised as well. Without thinking Bev leant over and started giving him a blow job, something she did for me as she loved oral sex. She said that as she started sucking she realised she would now have to go all the way. They got into the back seat after stripping off and she was fucked twice. She got back to the mess about 1130 and the other girls had a laugh and questioned her and she gave them all the details and realised she had really enjoyed it.

I was in bed when she got home and she came into the bedroom, woke me up and said "want sloppy seconds?". I couldn't believe my luck and she told me all the details as she laid back on the bed, naked with legs apart. I found a torch and shone it up her cunt and could see a lot of cum and got straight in there. I came after about three strokes as I was so excited. I did fuck her again and would have fucked her again in the morning but she had to get to work.

After that she couldn't get enough. She would phone me if she was going to be late or stay out all night and I didn't mind as I had sloppy seconds afterwards or sometimes I was fucking someone else anyway. One of here friends from work, Nada, wanted to borrow $500 and Bev said she would have to ask me. I said OK and when the money was repaid Nada came over with Bev to thank me. Bev then said she had to go out for half an hour and Nada thanked me with a fuck and a blow job. Bev got home and made us a cup of tea and Nada said I did thank him properly. Oh good said Bev you can tell me about it on the way to work and they left shortly after.

Where Bev worked was a training camp and there was a new intake of officers every few weeks, as well as others coming in for retraining. This meant the girls had a continuous supply of new men which some made the most of. Most of the girls seemed to be divorced or seperated and one had worked as an escort and another in a massage parlour. It seemed once inside the camp they were in another world; one evening I arrived to pick up Bev, and Norma. a WAC sergeant, was locking up the offices opposite.

It was about 5pm and getting dark and I said to her "End of another hard day. Norma was about 40, overweight but still good looking and big tits. She said "I'd be lucky to get anything hard here." This led to some chitchat and we went into the offices and I had a quickie on a mat in the Colonels office. Bev eventually came out and said "What have you been up to?" I told her about Norma and the quickie and she had a good laugh and said I certainly wasn't the first.

One evening we went to a party at Nadas house and all the girls were there and about twice as many blokes. As we arrived Bev told me to enjoy myself as all the girls had decided to be very, very friendly. I didn't have time to ask what she meant but soon had a drink and was enjoying the company and food. I was chatting to one girl and she said have you seen upstairs, come on I'll show you. Within a few minutes we having sex in one of the bedrooms. I came downstairs and no sign of Bev or most of the girls and there seemed to be continuous traffic up and down stairs. After another drink I spotted Bev and asked how she was enjoying it, to be told only three so far! I had an instant hard on and took her back upstairs for some really sloppy seconds; once again it was fantastic.

It turned out there was a sort of unspoken competition as to who got shagged the most. I never did get the details but Bev wasn't the winner with 6. A year or so after this the camp closed down and Bev found another job in a furniture store some distance away, which she hated. Nada lived not too far away and Bev rang her to have a chat and a coffee. Nada said I'll pick you up after work tomorrow, which she did. Nada drove for a few minutes and stopped round the back of a building and said I'll show you where I work.

It was a brothel and Nada showed her around and Bev said she was fascinated. Every room had a shower and there were creams and condoms and a large bed. Nada said if you want a job I can get you one as a receptionist. Bev started there the next week and only later found out that most women were enticed into starting work there as a receptionish, so they could see how much money the girls made and also Nada got a spotters fee!

Of course Bev quickly became aware of the money she could make, the clients paid $100 per half hour the house kept $40. If she had charged the 6 blokes she fucked at the party $60 each she would have earnt more then than she was making in a week at the furniture store. I had told her that if she started work there she wouldn't be able to resist opening her legs and making money; but Bev was adamant that would not be the case.

The following week I went off interstate on business and got home late on the Friday. The phone rang about 11 and it was Bev saying could I pick her up as she didn't want to drive on her own late at night. I got there about midnight and there was a queue of blokes. I spoke to the receptionist and said I was here to pick up Bev and was told she is busy at the moment but wont be long and was told I could wait in the lounge. There was a drink available and porn on the big TV screen as well as magazines. As a girl finished with a client she would come into the lounge and if another client fancied her he would go with her into a room, and none of the girls were in the lounge for long. Bev eventually appeared, saw me and gave me a parcel saying here's a present for you, I am busy now so I will call you later. I said does that mean sloppy seconds and was told it would probably be sloppy twenty seconds by the size of the queue, and she latched onto a client.

I got home, and had a coffee and opened my present. Inside was about two thousand dollars. I had been away five nights. Bev worked there for another 5 or 6 years and then worked for me in our own business. Thirty years later we are still married and financially secure. Bev didn't change, never has been able to keep her knickers on for long. What didn't she like about being a sex worker, the bad breath, so she always had breath fresheners and tic tacs on hand.