Written by Dave

14 Jun 2007

I have written here a few times and feel perhaps our events are somewhat tame compared to lots of others

Just the other day Jane and I went out to play one of our favourite games. She showered and then put on some nice underwear. On this occasion it was all black, being a satin bra, satin panties, pvc suspender belt, with seamed stockings and her Warner's half slip.

We drove out to the first pub and I waited in the car. She was gone for about 20 minutes or so and then returned to the car. Nothing was said, I just looked and she nodded meaning she wanted to go on.

We drove on to the next pub and did exactly the same. This time she emerged after about 30 minutes.

When she got back to the car she asked to go home.

When we got in we went up to bed, she took off her dress and left all her black underwear on. She then told me how it went. This we find more exciting me not knowing what happened.

In the first pub it took only a couple of minutes before a guy bought her a drink. He was alone and about 24. After about 10 minutes he asked if she would like to come back to his place for more drinks. She said she knew he wanted to get her into bed but the best he could hope for was a wank. We've never yet known anyone say no yet! So off they went to the toilets and she gave him a quick wank into her panties before slipping them back on. Shen said to be honest he was a bit disappointing as his cock was about 3 inches and he only came with a couple of quick spurts.

At the second pub it took a bit longer for contact and she was a bit wary as it was 2 blokes. However, they seemed fine and it transpires they were brothers. She was a bit intrigued anyway as they were black. They tried very hard to get her to go with them but she again offered them only a wank. They went off to the toilets and found a disabled cubicle that they all fitted into. She managed to wank them both off, one at a time, into her panties. One was giving her a fingering while she was wanking the other. She said that their cocks were not that enormous though quite long. What was impressive was that they both came in a really big way and soaked her panties. We then both get a big thrill out of her wearing them afterwards.

I then slid my hand up her slip and discovered that her panties were indeed absolutely soaking. When I took them off, strangely her cunt was quite dry but she said she had come earlier in her panties.

She also admitted that she regretted not fucking them, as she really wanted to but as always, she only did as we agree beforehand.